Geoff Russell

Starting at an early age, Geoff Russell drove a tow truck for a towing company in eastern Canada. His talents led him to sales, where he first went to work for Vulcan Equipment Company, at the time an independent towing manufacturer in Toronto, learning about the manufacturing and sales side under the leadership of Bernie Alm, one of the industry’s brightest engineering minds. He left Vulcan for a U.S. competitor, Century, but instead ended up at a Canadian distributorship. Having gleaned a great amount of knowledge, and with natural leadership and business skills, in 1982 he ventured out on his own, opening his own distributorship.

Since the early 21st century, Geoff has worked for a major manufacturer, played a significant role in the industry’s consolidation movement and in 2003, purchased his own towing company, Kauff’s Transportation in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Over the last 15 years, Geoff has worked diligently in state and national towing associations, pushing for the industry to gain more respect from law enforcement, fellow First Responders and the motoring public. His strongly-held belief that towing company owners need to focus on being better businessmen has led to him sharing his expansive business knowledge through seminars and in articles appearing in industry publications.

Revered by many in our industry as a leader, Geoff is well known throughout the U.S. and Canadian towing industries. His extensive business experience and broad knowledge of all aspects of the towing industry will serve the Museum board and its members well.

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