Jon Kupchin

Jon Kupchin, President of Santa Fe Tow Service, started his career at a very young age. Jon’s father, Stan Kupchin, founded Santa Fe Body Shop in 1963. Jon started working for his father and brother at age 11 sweeping floors, prepping cars for body work and anything else that needed done. At that time, the body shop had a couple of tow trucks to bring wrecked vehicles in for repair. Jon often rode along assisting with the jobs and really enjoying the variety of the work. When Jon was 16, approached his mother and father and proposed an agreement of taking the 2 trucks owed at the time, to branch out and offer move service than was provided before. At the time, Santa Fe Body Shop ran 8:00-5:00 operation. Jon wanted to expand the operation of services to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. His mom agreed to answer the calls at home at night so Jon could run the calls himself. School, work, work and work is all Jon knew at the time. His passion for the business and his drive for success was his motivating force at such a young age.
Jon’s ability to connect with people has definitely help him become so successful. Jon has run each and every aspect of the business. Whenever volumes rise, he is one of the first in the truck to get any and all jobs done. He knows his business inside out. Throughout his career, Jon has learned from first hand experience. He often says he’s received his Master’s Degree from the University of Hard Knocks. He has many certifications in the industry; TRAA, Wreck Master, Wes Wilborn Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Completion as well as many others.

His staff is amazed at this knowledge. He can diagnose any problem a truck maybe having just with effective communication skills over the phone.

I asked some of our team members from management, drivers, dispatchers, and our mechanics to describe Jon as they see him with only 2-3 words. Here are the words used:
• Passionate, Driven, and Sincere
• Dedicated, Visionary Leader
• Intelligent, Cleaver, “Mac Gyver”
• Accomplished, Logical, Unselfish
• Smart, Successful, Caring
• Very Straight Forward
• Ethical, Witty, Innovator

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