Quinn Piening

My name is Quinn Piening

I have been in the industry for 35 plus years 33 as the partner of Central Towing & Transport LLC. We are based in Fremont CA and have 5 terminals with 32 trucks doing all phases of towing and road service including an auxiliary contract with AAA. We also do a lot of transport work with our heavy side moving generators all over the country. I have served on the board of directors of the ITHFM in several capacities from a trustee all the way to first vice president and would like to opportunity to serve again, to preserve the history of the industry.

I have also served on the board of directors of the CTTA. I am currently the vice president north representing the TROC as co-chair, also the current president of the bay area chapter. I hold level 1 2, and 6 certifications with the CTTA, WRECKMASTER air cushion certification 071817 wreckers international certificate.

I was a volunteer fire fighter, and had an active roll with them until I got into the towing business where I focused all of my time on growing the company. The company has been involved with the YMCA and several other civic organizations and made many donations including providing 3 dogs to three separate police departments for their K9 units.

During my younger years as I got involved with the CTTA and got to travel all around the USA, to tow shows and met lots of great people in the industry. One of the greatest was from right here in Ca. Mr. (Godfather of towing) Steve Cardinale. He and Mr. Bob Berry got me involved in the museum with the transporting of it when it was in the trailer and donating to preserve the history of the industry that has provided for me and my family. Then in 2006 I had to go to Chattanooga for the unveiling of the Wall of the Fallen as one of my drivers name was placed on the wall, and I knew then that I wanted to be more involved in the museum and the history of the industry. Since then I was fortunate enough to be elected as a trustee for the ITRHM. Now that we are electing new officers I would like to get back involved and run for a board seat I hope for your support as I hope to help continue to make the museum something we can all be proud of.

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