Shane AJ Coleman

A 2nd Generation Towing and Recovery Professional, I celebrated my 30th year in the industry in 2017.
A family towing business set the foundation for my career path. I have been on a quest to make myself an asset to wherever I am.
1987-1999 Coleman’s Towing & Recovery served as a light & heavy duty operator. Finishing his family business career as Operations Manager.
1994-1998 Served as a Field Instructor which lead to a Lead Instructor position at Wreckmaster Inc. Serving again during 2002-03 timeframe.
1999-2002 Served as Crane Operations Foreman for and Urban Forestry Company
2003-2005 Logistics Manager / Business Development for Transportation Urban Forestry Company.
2006-2011 Active Heavy Duty Operator / Manager for Metro Detroit, Michigan based Towing & Recovery companies.
2011-2014 Served as Heavy Product Specialist for the Jerr Dan Corporation
2014-April 2017 – Heavy Duty Product Manager for Jerr Dan Corporation
April 2017 – Present Sr. Heavy Duty Manager – Sales / Training / Industry Service

I believe it to be an honor to serve on the board of directors for a historical facility. It is what carries our tradition, our pride, and links us our fellow “family” members around the world.
My history and experience within this Industry gives me a thorough understanding of how far this industry has come. A valuable perspective as it pertains to our industries history and how it is to be cared for.

Like our fellow members, business owners and operators, my intent is to be of service. My goal is to play a supportive part in the organization, and to be “of Service” to the Museum and Hall of Fame. It is the one place where our future generations can come and see what the generations before them sacrificed to keep this Industry strong.
Service and stewardship, these are the key ingredients to keep our history honored and respected.

University of Georgia Light Duty Certification
Wreckmaster Inc. Certified Level 6/7 AH
EMT Basic
Firefighter 1&2 HazMat Ops
TRAA Level 2 Certified
Wayne State University Driving Instructor Certification
SHRP 2 TIM Train the Trainer – Instructor Certification
Crosby Rigging Certification

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