Hall of Fame Nominee Eligibility Criteria

  • Tow Equipment/Product Innovation
    • Innovation of a product sold in the marketplace that has helped move the industry forward. Candidate must have a minimum of 10 years of service to the industry.
  • Exemplary Dedication
    • Candidate must have 20 years running a towing business in an outstanding and exemplary manner, promoting a positive image of the towing industry and have positive relations with the community, i.e., performing services for the community about and beyond the services for hire.  Limit: One inductee per year.
  • Industry Leadership
    • Leadership involved with an outstanding project that has had a dynamic and lasting effect on the towing industry.  Candidate must have minimum 10 years service to the towing industry.
  • Professional Achievement
    • Creating a product or service of any kind that has had a significant and lasting effect on thousands of towing professionals.  Candidate Must have a minimum of 10 years to the industry.
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