Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Each year, the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the towing and recovery industry. The tradition started in 1986 when the towing and recovery industry realized it was time to display the roots of the profession. Industry professionals came together and selected individuals who made a difference. To honor those chosen few, the Friends of Towing (now ITRHFM) dedicated an entire section of the museum’s walls for portraits of the inductees. Each September a new class is inducted.

Junius R. Elmore Jr.

Junius Elmore, Jr. moved to CheyeID1e in 1948 and started a career in the towing and recovery business, in the employ of others. In 1961 he bought his… Read More

George W. Stevens

George Stevens grew into the business through his father's towing company. After serving in the U.S. Army from 1955 to 1958 where he was involved with towing and… Read More

George L. (Bud) Anderson

Bud first became associated with the towing industry through his employment in 1970 with a major truck equipment distributor in Chicago. In 1976 he transferred to Los Angeles,… Read More

Esa Pyyhkailainen

Esa Pyyhklilliinen became interested in the towing industry through a friend who was in the business. In 1983 he purchased a towing company, Hinausliike Rosqvist, which employed six… Read More

David W. Marks

When David Marks returned to England with his mother, he became" British" and developed a keen interest in the sport of archery, winning the Junior National Championship in… Read More

Colin B. Parlett

Colin Parlett was first attracted to the towing and recovery industry through part-time employment at nights and on weekends. In 1971, he left a career in banking to… Read More