Andy Chesney

Andy was born in Union, MS in 1955 and moved to Euless, TX in 1965 where he graduated from Trinity High School in 1974 with a Full Scholarship in football, to Tarleton State University.

In January 1978, Andy was working for Gifford Hill Concrete when he met Debi Baker Heilman his future wife of 37 years. Euless B&B Wrecker Service was started in 1954 by Debi’s Mom & Dad with 1 shop made wrecker. Debi’s father died in 1975 and her brother Bobby Baker ran the business for their Mother. Debi was working for her brother, Bobby and mother Bernice Baker at B&B Auto Parts and Euless Wrecker Service at the time. They immediately hired Andy as their full time driver for the wrecker service. He continued to work there until 1982 when he went into business for himself doing construction work. In 1984 Mrs. Baker sold the wrecker service to her other daughter but shortly afterwards her husband passed away of a massive heart attack at the age of 39. In 1986 Andy bought the wrecker service which at that time had 5 trucks in the fleet. In 1996 they outgrew the area where the business had been for 42 years and moved to a new facility. Today their fleet consists of 37 trucks and can handle anything and everything with over 40 employees.

Andy’s commitment and love for his community and associations has been his passion since he began. Andy has held several positions in TTSA, is a member of TRAA, and he is one of the founders of Sea-Ai r-Land Recovery, Inc. 1999. His involvement in the community consists of helping several High Schools in the area with the Every 15 minutes Program, Project Graduation, Homecoming Parades, Football, Cheerleading, Drill Team, Baseball and any other groups that need his help. Andy provides cars and his business storage lot for the training of Police and Fire Departments, K-9’s, Care Flight and Swat Teams. An accident scene is actually set up with dummies for the entire rescue teams to come in and work an accident from start to finish.  The Citizens on Patrol and Citizens Fire Academies also train here.

Andy has been recognized for many outstanding service and contributions. To name a few, Letter of commendation for Citizen Involvement 1982, Business man of the year 1987-88-91, President of the US award for “Towing Operators Working to eliminate Drunk Driving” (T.O.W.E .D) 1989, TWA Aircraft Incident Air Cushions Award 1992, United Way Volunteer of the Year 1996, Department of Treasury Bureau of ATF Canine Operations training 2001, Single Advocate of the Year Region II Texas Recreation & Parks Services 2004, Commercial Award Euless Parks and Community Services Department. Volunteer Business of the Year Award City of Euless 2006, Appreciation Fireman’s Helmet #1 City of Bedford 2006, Appreciation Fireman’s Helmet #1 City of Euless 2006, Texas HALL of FAME 2010,  and Blackie Sustaire Award Euless Police Department (ONLY Civilian to ever win this award).

Once a year, Andy and Debi have a B&B BBQ. This is an event that truly brings the communities together to have fun and visit. They do this for their Customers, Police & Fire Departments, Friends and Family. Andy, with the help of many people, cooks 1500 lbs. of meat. Debi, with the help of many people, cooks 1500 cookies. Throughout the day they have approximately 800- 1000 people that come to this event. Being the oldest business in town it’s the one event that everyone looks forward to each year. They think it’s because it gives everyone that SMALL town feeling.

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