Betty Cornwell

Betty Cornwell

Betty Cornwell was married into the industry in 1969. I personally have known Betty for 30 years and have looked up to her wit and spirit as well as her dedication to this industry. Frankly I’m shocked that it took this long to get her on this stage but I am honored to be the one who gets the privilege of being beside her tonight. A little history is that in the 80’s I was a young whipper snapper attending TRAA meetings and getting involved and as many of you know I generally keep my opinions to myself and am fairly quiet in meetings behind closed doors… Much like Betty! I can remember as a young man speaking up and perhaps getting a bit animated as my passion for the industry got the best of me and to this day I can remember Betty standing up like it was the voice of my mom and setting me straight!

Betty began he career working with her husband Harvey and holding down the fort while he ran calls. Shortly thereafter she became the first and to this day perhaps the only female auto inspector certified by the State of MD! In 1979 Betty and her husband organized a handful of towers and founded the TRPM. Her dedication countless hours and commitment to the towers of MD has been second to none ever since.

Here are just a few of Betty’s positions held throughout her life time in the industry:

3 Term President of TRPM President COSTA

Proctor For TRAA NDCP I-95 Coalition Member

TRAA State Director Hospice Volunteer

Chair of the Salvation Army Advisory Board CNTA State Rep

Here are just a few of her awards:

1886 Tow Woman of the Year WTRAA Tow Times Women of Towing Honoree

Honor Award St Jude’s Research Hospital TRAA National Citizenship Award

American Towman Ambassador Award Dave Jones Leadership Award

In 1991 Betty retired from the industry… How is that working out Betty? Since 1991 Betty has served as Executive Director to TRPM and the voice for Maryland towers nationwide. Her nomination to the Hall of Fame came accompanied by countless letters of recognition including those from The Senate President of the State of MD, The Commander of the MD State Police, and the Chief of the State Highway Division of MD.

I could stand here for hours and list all that Betty has done to better this industry she loves so much. Her husband and business partner Harvey was unable to be by her side physically tonight but he is here in spirit for sure and I think it’s safe to say Harvey this one’s for you!

It is with great honor that I present to you and welcome beside me in the Hall of Fame!

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