Bobby Disher

Born September 1945 in Walkertown, NC Bobby Disher started working at a grocery store at the age of 9. That began a lifelong love for work and a desire to succeed. It was also the start of a mindset to listen and learn from those who were around him and the drive of how to work with and negotiate with parties he would come across in the business world. Through the years he enjoyed the benefits of that mind set and the friendships of men and women for whom he credits their help in building his success over the years.

In 1970 at the age of 25 Bobby opened a Gulf Service station in Greensboro, NC which became one of the top stations in the country. As the business grew to include auto repair, tires and then Towing and Recovery Bobby became intrigued with the challenge of Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery and in 1990 opened Bobby’s Friendly Towing and Recovery.

It was then that Bobby became involved with the Towing & Recovery Professionals of North Carolina, where he would serve on the Board for the over 20 years, 8 of which he was President. He currently serves as a board member and as legislative chairman. Working on the legislative committee Bobby was instrumental in several key pieces of legislation getting amended or passed:

  • House Bill 832 allowing Towing Companies to tow a disabled MV up to 50 miles for repair, parking or storage with a combined Tractor and Trailer. This prevented towers from separating units tractors and trailers and leaving then unattended on the side of the road way.
  • Bill that prevented the NC Highway Patrol from passing a law that would allow them to set the prices for towing and recovery services.
  • Bill 288 which recognized Tow Trucks as emergency vehicles and now included them in the Move Over Law.

Bobby is also a member of the TRAA, the NC Trucking Assoc, and the NC Trucking Maintenance Council.

He has received numerous awards for his work that include the NC Towman of the year in 1997 and again in 2007! Paul Harris Fellowship award and recognition by the Gates City Rotary Club.

Bobby has also been a huge supporter of his community. He sponsors the Sheriffs Shooting Team, serves as chairman of the board of the Flat Ridge Community Center in Flat Ridge, VA. Is an advisor to the director of The Sober House in Galax, VA and is a member of the Board of Directors of Canaanland VA a residential bible center for men with addictions. In addition he serves as Team Leader for ushers at his local Church.

Bobby continues to operate Bobby’s Friendly Towing and takes pride in representing and promoting the industry for everyone to benefit from while offering good service at a fair rate.

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