Cynthia Martineau

Born in 1957 in Shirley MA Cindy as she is known entered the towing business in 1985 with Colson’s Auto Parts Inc. which she co-owned with her then husband Wayne.

Cindy has supported the industry in many ways and has served as an Executive Director of the Statewide Towing Association of MA from 1999 through 2013 of which she then became the Executive Director of the Towing and Recovery Association of America where she holds that position today.

In addition Cindy served as the State Rep for MA and as treasurer for the CNTA from 2008-2014. She has served the MA TIM’s task force for the DOT, serves as the Treasurer to the Towing, Repair and Political Action committees and has been a member of the TRAA Education Foundation since 2008. In 2017 she helped start and serves on the TRAA Legislative Advocacy Network. Not feeling like she had a full plate Cindy has been an officer of the WTRAA since 2011!

In her spare time Cindy serves and has served as a Girl Scout Leader and chairperson on a number of committee’s for the last 24 years!

In 2003 Cindy was recognized as the Girl Scouts Outstanding Leader, in 2009 she was featured in Tow Times “Women of Towing”, was the 2012 WTRAA Tow Woman of the Year and in 2013 received the TRAA Distinguished Service Award!

She assisted in forming the Statewide Towing Academy and with several increases in the State of MA towing rates and storage rates. To date over 1500 drivers have been certified and trained in MA.

To sum it up I’ll steal the following from one of her awards:

Awarded to an outstanding woman in the towing industry who has displayed dedication in her business and showed continuous support of her state and national associations and protected professionalism in her community for the towing industry!

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