Dennis Harris

Dennis Harris

Dennis Harris was born in 1954 in Greensboro, NC. Born into the industry Dennis had made towing and the industry his life’s passion. Tonight he joins his wife Belinda who was inducted into the Hall in the Class of 2016. Truly a family affair! (Are the kids next…) They have two children so possibly! Tonight we honor Dennis as well as being the 4th Family that is in the Hall of Fame with three members inducted!

Dennis has over 48 years’ experience in the industry as a Tower, Teacher, Mentor and Inventor. His achievements are many. He has been a member Regional Vice President and the Past President of the TRPNC, State Director for TRAA, and in 1996 was named Towman of the year for the TRPNC.

His certifications are too many to list but he has attended numerous training schools focused on towing, recovery and Incident management. As a teacher he has worked with many local Fire Departments on cross training and has hosted numerous driver training and certification classes sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He assisted in the development of the TRAA level 2 and level 3 driver certification programs.

His true passion for the industry has been as an inventor however and Dennis can be thanked for many of the things we use in business today including the fork spacers we see on heavy duty wheel lifts, the chain forks and most importantly Dennis invented and patented the M.A.T.T. (Mobile Assist Tractor Transporter) that works as a tow dolly for large tractors. This allows the operator to tow a Conventional Tractor for the front without removing the drive line and saving the operators time and labor in dangerous spots along the roadway. It can also be used to tow tractors form the front that have had severe damage to the drive axles and maybe too high to transport on a trailer.

Dennis contributions towards the industry and other towers have always been selfless and he is one of the most humble individuals I have ever met.

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