Donald E. Cruse


ELECTED:            March 24, 1986
INDUCTED:        June 26, 1986
BORN:           March 24, 1945, Midland, Ontario
MARRIED:          Mary Helen Cruse
CHILDREN:       Shannon Diane Cruse
                                  Justin Thomas Cruse




HISTORY:            Steed Automotive Industries of Canada,Vice President, 1972-1974
                                  Founding President of Ontario Recovery Group,1981-1984
                                  Instructor of Wrecker, Dispatcher and Dangerous Goods
                                                           Seminars, 1982 to Present
                                  Canadian Towing Society, Administrator, 1985 to Present

MEMBERSHIPS:Past Member of Big Brothers Assoc. of Hamilton
                                    Tow Truck Operators of Ontario, Secretary, 1977
                                    Ontario Recovery Group, Founding President,
                                                 1981 and Honorary Member
                                    Canadian Towing Society, Founder and Present Administrator
                                    Towing & Recovery Association of America
                                    Friends of Towing
                                   Hamilton Trucking Council
                                   Ontario Trucking Association

VIDEO:                  Commercial production quality videos, a series of 12 tapes
                                   dealing with the recruit through experienced operators.

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