Hall of Fame Member

Hendrickus “Henry” Raubenheimer

Elected:       March 24, 1986
Inducted:    June 26, 1986
Born:            March 7, 1931
                      Johannesburg, South Africa
Married:      Coba Raubenheimer
Children:    Gustav Raubenheimer
                                     Randhardt, Alberton
                     Rickus Raubenheimer
                                     Military Service


History:      Car Towing Services, Partner, 1972-1978
                                Managing Director, 1978-1986
                     Towing & Recovery Equipment Suppliers
                                Managing Director, 1980-1986
                     Towing “T” Services, Managing Director, 1980-1985
                     Semi-Retired, March 1986

Memberships:      Johannesburg Accident Towing Association,
                                          First President, 1981-1983
                                Friends of Towing



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