James Bach

Jim was born in East Aurora, NY. He was the 3rd child of Jim and Mary Bach. He earned an Associate’s degree in business at Erie Community College and then attended Canisius College from 1976 through 1978 and was forced to drop out due to lack of funds for tuition. Jim worked with his parents at the store as well as working at the local supermarket as a stock boy. They family later rented the gas and service station next door to the deli, and purchased it in 1978. One day, Big Jim, as they called Jim senior, tossed a set of keys and a payment book at Jim Junior-The keys were to a brand new 1978 Ford F 350 hydraulic wrecker, and the payment was $267 per month. Within an hour, the local police called and said there was a roll over on the highway and they needed Jim to go up and tow it out of the way. Jim grabbed his older brother Don, and together they drove their new tow truck to the accident. They scratched their heads as they tried to figure out how to upright the car, after a long agonizing time, the firemen all pushed the car over onto its wheels so that the Bach boys could tow it out of the way.

In 1981, Jim joined ESTRA, the Empire State Towing and Recovery Association. He volunteered to be a board member and drove from Buffalo to Albany, New York, a 5 hour drive, to attend board meetings. He helped to plan and run the ESTRA tow show in Lake George every May and was the chair for two profitable shows which he brought to western New York, one held in Niagara Falls, the other in Buffalo. He continues to work with the Empire State Towing and Recovery Association tow show in Lake George every May. Jim went on to be elected as president of ESTRA and remained in this position for many years.

Jim is passionate about safety and education in the towing business. He was active in pursuing and securing the “Move over” law to include towers in New York. He brings top name educators to the western New York area to hold seminars for local towers and he travels extensively to bring back the latest safety ideas to the Buffalo area.

Jim has always been active in his community. He joined the Kiwanis in 1991 and worked through the ranks until he became president and served from 2002-2003. He is on the EA Cemetery Committee, as well as involved in the Chamber of Commerce and Aktion club of East Aurora (serving developmentally disabled adults). He was a scout leader for over half a decade and donates time and assets to almost every organization that comes knocking on his door. During parades and festivals, you always see a Bach’s truck carrying scouts, or Aktion club members and always sporting an American flag.  Jim is active in his church where he sings and plays guitar in the folk group.

In 2009, Jim was appointed to fill a position on the EA town board. He ran a campaign the following year to finish out the term. He won decisively. In 2011, he ran a campaign for another 4 year term and again won by a landslide. In 2013, he ran for Town Supervisor of East Aurora and was sworn into office Jan 1st 2014.

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