Jimmy W. Speed

In 1951 and 1952 Jimmy worked at a small independent shop in Snyder, Texas, and his duties included operating the tow truck. He moved to Monahans in 1953 where he again assumed responsibility for the tow truck at the Chevrolet garage. Ten years later, Jimmy opened his own shop and one of his first purchases was a tow truck. Over the years Jimmy Speed has expanded his operation to include five towing and recovery vehicles and an air bar setup.

In 1982 he joined the Towing and Recovery Association of America where he has served as Director, Fourth Vice President and Cabinet Member. Through his TRAA experience, Jimmy became convinced of the value of an active association to the industry and was thusly moved to help form an association of nonregulated carriers in Texas which he served as President from 1984 to 1986 and later worked to consolidate the two state organizations into one. He chose to represent the very important interests of nonregulated carriers, even though he could have easily obtained a permit for his own operation.

Jimmy has always been a strong advocate of both his state and national associations, traveling extensively with his wife and partner, Mary, on behalf of both groups. In 1991 they attended the TRAA national show in Louisville, Kentucky, where they observed the spectacular Mount Rushmore/ Gettysburg flag presentation. He was so moved that he singularly arranged the same presentation the next April 13 in Monahans for his friends and neighbors in West Texas. Jimmy Speed is a man noted for his honesty and fair play. Not only can he be credited for many positive contributions to our industry, his everyday conduct reflects favorably on our entire industry, as a businessman, citizen and patriot. He has never sought the spotlight for himself, but is always ready, willing and able to help his fellow man in general and the towing industry in particular. Mr. Jimmy Worth Speed deserves the very highest honors our industry can bestow.

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