John Coldwell

Born in 1957 John Coldwell has long served the industry in the UK. From across the pond John has not only dedicated his career to bettering the industry but leading the charge for manufacturer’s standards on equipment for the recovery industry in Europe. He started in the recovery industry in 1972 as an operator and was one of two engineers responsible for the inspection and standards of the AVRO for the Southern UK. For the last 24 years he has been employed by Boniface Industries and is currently involved with the ROLS Group or the Recovery Operator Licensing Scheme.

He has served AVRO as an engineer setting the standards for Recovery Operators equipment that is now recognized by all government bodies. As a council member and past Vice Chairman of the IVR he assisted in raising the standards among all manufacturers and suppliers to the UK.

He is a certified Automotive engineer, member of several operational and transportation related associations and most important in his off time is a First Responder and Special Sergeant with the Suffolk Roads Policing Unit. He has been awarded the Queens jubilee Medal for Services and the Queens Long Service Medal for the Suffolk Police. This will be the closest I ever get to the Queen I’m sure but I’m honored…

He is the past Chairman of the Recovery Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers association and serves as the honorary Treasurer of the Institute of Vehicle Recovery.

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