Nicholas Testa

Nick Testa born July 28th 1952 began his career in 1968 repairing cars out of his parent’s garage. In 1969, after turning 17, he purchased his first tow truck; a 1960 cab over Jeep wrecker. After graduating high school Nick went to the Teterboro School of Aeronautics and graduated as a certified air frame and power plant mechanic. He decided to bring the detail of the aeronautic industry into the automobile repair business and opened his first Mobil gas station with a repair facility at twenty. Within just a few years Nick had expanded from the one gas station to 4 service stations and started adding additional tow trucks to the fleet. In 1980 Nick began providing towing service for the local police departments and has been doing so for the last 36 years. His Mobil station in the NJ Meadowlands became the flagship station and won numerous awards for cleanliness, customer service and volume of gasoline sold. Nick was interviewed and chosen as keynote speaker at Mobil’s 25th Anniversary convention in Las Vegas, NV in 1981.

In 1986 Nick was awarded by the Rutherford Chapter of UNICCO National for Heroism for his actions in saving a woman from a burning car on the highway. His efforts and donations of resources, employees and flags after the 9/11 attacks on New York City were recognized by many for uplifting the spirits of a community that was struggling with grief and pain.

Forty five years later Nick’s Towing Service is one of the most respected towing companies in New Jersey with 33 employees and 40 pieces of equipment. He holds himself and his employees to a very high standard. His facility and trucks are well maintained & his drivers are uniformed and trained. Nick leads the way by example to always be a consummate professional.

A steadfast loyal member since 1987 and friend of the Garden State Towman’s Association (GSTA), Nick has gone to great lengths to do what he can for the betterment of the towing industry through the state association. Nick worked with members of the GSTA board to set up and attend a meeting with Senator Paul Sarlo to discuss the Predatory Towing Act. This meeting was instrumental in helping to overturn portions of the Act. It was a major feat for the GSTA and a benefit to every tower in the State. He also helped the GSTA by setting up and attending a meeting with GSTA board members and Assemblyman Neil Cohen who served as Chair of the Financial Institution and Insurance Committee. He was named the GSTA Towman of the Year in 2013 for these efforts.

Nick’s passion is the business of running his company with a special love for his family and making a difference in the community. Whether it is donating bullet proof vests, complimentary transport of Humvees for the local police departments, sponsoring local youth sports, supporting research for both children’s cancers and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or participating in the annual Touch-A-Truck Program, Nick’s Towing has become an integral piece of the fabric of Bergen County. Nick is extremely proud of the company’s stellar reputation and looks forward to continuing Nick’s Towing Service’s positive relationships with the police departments, local governments and the community for the foreseeable future.

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