Patrick Winer

Patrick Winer

Pat was born in 1962 and went on to receive College Degree for Indiana University (The former home to college basketball that was over taken along with others by the dominant UConn Huskies program… but that’s a story for another time…)

Pat went on to begin his career in the industry 30 plus years ago working for Challenger Industries in Elkhart Indiana on the assembly line building tow trucks. (Before they were gobbled up by the evil empire…. Dam it I keep getting off track here! Another story for another time…) After working on the assembly line Pat got tired of putting the doo hickeys in the whatchamacallits and decided to go into the sales side of things and began his career! After working for B&B Industries in Chicago for a few years he switched gears (switch being an understatement) and went to work for Jerr-Dan Equipment as a territory manager over 11 states! Somewhere along the line Pat met his wife Cathy and in 2003 they opened up Worldwide Equipment Sales a Jerr-Dann distributor and towing accessory sales company in Rockdale IL. Worldwide continued to grow and prosper and now has multiple locations and sells product nationwide adding additional personnel and brands along the way including Landoll.

In January of 2008, feeling that he and Cathy had been blessed many times over they formed and began organizing “Tow Trucks for Tots” with a couple of goals in mind:

  • To bring a much needed toy to every boy and girl over the holidays!
  • To further enhance the image of the towing industry and operators in a more positive light!

Well we can all agree they have achieved those goals! Since 2008 Toys for Tots has collected and donated literally tons of toys and thousands in funds to children across the region. Has received praise and thanks for the industry throughout the region by the press and reflected that the industry is not about thieves and pirates but about human beings and people that care. In 2008 and in 2009 Tow Trucks for Tots set the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest tow truck parade and in 2015 collected over 3,000lbs of toys alone!

Tow Trucks for Tots has worked with the Boy Scouts of America, local high schools, churches, children’s hospitals, Toys for Tots and more and these organizations and their members now view the industry and the towing operators for the heroes that they are!

Pat and Cathy have been active members of the industry supporting the ITRHFM, TRAA, PTROI, Indiana Wrecker Assn., CTTA, and the Michigan Association donating their time, assets and facilities to support training and education along the way. All while raising three children Lauren Jake and Lexi!

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