Paul M. Bressi

Born on May 1, 1946 in Seattle Washington, Paul went to school in Seattle and graduated from Blanchet High School where he started his first job with a roofing company; after a short stint Paul realized that roofing was not for him. In February 1965 Paul went to work for Standard Stations of California as a station attendant.  Proudly sporting the white shirt, white pants, and white hat that became the hall mark of that period and profession! That was when gas stations were actually SERVICE stations, which is where Paul learned what customer service is all about – you ran to the customers vehicle and washed the window, checked the oil, and tire pressure.  At this time Paul also joined the Washington National Guard and served his country for 6 years.

In 1968 he was promoted to Assistant Manager, which was when he realized that working for a large corporation was not what he wanted to do.  He leased a station from Standard Oil in Seattle and become an independent Chevron Dealer starting his career as a business entrepreneur and marrying his lovely wife, Sherrie. In 1969 they had their first child, a boy, who is works with him in the business today.  In 1970 they had their second child, a girl, who now spoils her father with special baked goods (especially cookies). In 1980 looking to expand his horizons and relocate to a smaller town Paul moved to Olympia, Washington to take over a 3-Bay Chevron Station on the I-5 corridor where the previous owner had gone bankrupt. In 1982 he bought his first tow truck and Nisqually Automotive and Towing was born, 32 years later, with 25 employees and 14 trucks, business continues to grow and prosper.

Paul has served his industry in numerous roles with associations as Vice President, Executive Board Member and President of the Washington Tow Truck Association. Paul has been on the Legislative Committee for both the Washington Tow Truck Association and now with the Towing and Recovery Association of Washington for the past 12 years. Serving as the Legislative Chair Paul has been actively involved in bettering the laws and regulations for the industry in the state of Washington since 1983 and has also been highly involved in tow truck education in the state of Washington. In 1998 Paul was honored by the WTA with the President’s Award and in 2003 was recognized as the Tow Operator of the year. Through his legislative efforts Paul was instrumental in helping to pass the mandatory impound law known as Hailey’s Bill.


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