Rene Fortin

Born in 1943 in Manchester New Hampshire Rene has been a champion for the North East Towing industry for over four decades.

His dedication and commitment at the President of the New Hampshire Towing Association for over 40 years has led to numerous legislative changes and safety enhancements. Most notably Rene led the charge for the New Hampshire Move Over Law that requires reduce speed and change lanes when approaching a disabled or emergency vehicle.

He has been involved in the New Hampshire Tow Show widely recognized across the New England area and nation for years and held the World Record until recently for tow trucks in a parade as every year thousands of people lined the street cheering on the trucks passing the beach and quite frankly wondering where in the heck was the accident!? Has to be a big one!

He assisted at the Capitol with laws defining lighting requirements; tie down specifications, abandoned vehicle legislation, and the required certification of tow truck operators among others.

But as if that wasn’t enough Rene took it upon himself in late 1997 to rally together a group of towers and form the CNTA – or Conference of Northeast Towing Associations. We all know the northeast corridor with its many states and high traffic volume can be a different animal for logistics. I take no offense to that Rene… By instituting communication and sharing challenges and issues that were unique to that region they developed the Northeast Towing Rule Book that prepared businesses for crossing state lines and what to expect. Although it took a while to understand the dialects from Boston to New Jersey… this group formed a strong bond to combat and to create policies that would forever assist the industry in Interstate Commerce.

Rene has been a cub master for the Boy Scouts of America for over 10 years, a member of the Tim’s Committee in New Hampshire and a member of the New Hampshire Air National Guard.

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