Rene W. Zuber

Rene W. Zuber was born in Fischingen, Switzerland in 1950. Rene entered the towing business in 1970 with his brother Guido establishing Autohilfe Zurich. Over the past 43 years Rene has been actively involved in not only establishing Autohilfe as the premier and largest towing company in Switzerland but in committing himself to further the education and safety of the operators in his industry. Autohilfe specializes in all classes of towing and the storage and processing of vehicles for police agencies.

Rene is actively involved in bringing towers together with first responders and has hosted and implemented many joint training exercises with the fire companies, police and state agencies across his country. He is one of the two founding members of Auto-Strassenhifen-Schweiz otherwise known as ASS the premier Road-Assistance Association of Switzerland. Rene is also an active member in Abschlepp-Pooling-Zurich otherwise known as the ASP which serves as the Towing Cooperative of the State of Zurich. In addition Rene is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE in Switzerland as well. He holds several certifications in the towing transport and recovery of large vehicles busses and specialized recovery techniques.

In his quest to better the industry Rene established a youth apprenticeship program for young towers both within his own company and with apprentices from other towing agencies within Switzerland. Rene’s goal is to train and develop future quality operators not only to ensure their safety and professionalism but to continue to build a foundation for employees to enter towing careers.

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