Robert Sommers

Robert Sommers was born Nov, 22nd 1952 in Los Angeles, CA and passed away far too early in January of 2010. Robert graduated from William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, later attending Pierce College and Management Action Program. Upon marrying his wife, partner and best friend Gretchen they settled down and raised two wonderful children Eleanor and Evan over 35 years of devoted marriage. Robert was the COO of Howard Sommers Towing Inc. a Los Angeles Official Police Garage located in Canoga Park and had been involved with the company as a young boy since its inception in 1959. In working with his father Robert grew up to take on the roles of driving the light and heavy duty tow trucks, dispatching, daily book keeping and in 1976 assumed the responsibility for the day to day operations of the company.

In 1982 Robert became an integral part of the Traffic Planning Committee for the 1984 Olympic Games and was actively involved in the LAOPG Board of Directors, California Tow Truck Association Board of Directors and the CTTA Legislative Committee. He was instrumental in rebuilding the relationship between the CTTA and LAOPG Associations. He held several positions in each association including the role of Vice President for the Los Angeles Chapter of the CTTA. He spent countless hours at the State Capitol and worked tirelessly on legislation regarding the industry for State regulations and requirements on behalf of others. His vast knowledge of the CA vehicle code was an enormous resource for the groups he was involved with and he was constantly looked upon for his guidance. Throughout his years Robert was constantly looking for ways to improve safety and professional requirements for the tow operators in CA. His devotion to the legislation committee headed off many instances where others sought to pass changes that would have an adverse effect not only on his business but the industry statewide.

Robert was not only dedicated to his family and his business but was dedicated to his community as well donating his time as well as the resources of his company for many civic and community groups and projects in the West Valley community. He believed in instilling business and professionalism into the industry and his work force on a daily basis to set tow operators to a level where they would be respected as professionals in their role.

He was also a devoted family man and had a special passion for horses and the equestrian community as well as his favorite dog breed the Dobermans! A testament to his devotion to the industry was shown when his application for this highest honor was accompanied by unanimous letters of support from not only peers, the many associations he was involved with and elected officials but from competitors across the board.

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