Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows was also born into the towing industry in 1951. A 6th generation tower Scott runs Burrows Wrecker Service in La Grange KY which has been in business for over 100 years!

A longtime proponent of education in the industry Scott has served his State Towing Association at various levels most notably as President. In addition Scott has served as a Director for the Kentucky State Trucking Association and served his community as an elected member of the Board of Education!

Scott has been a long time contributor of articles to industry publications Footnotes and the Illinois Association publication The Beacon. Those that know Scott personally know he is never at a loss of words to share his wisdom. The Oscar music is queued up if he gets out of hand tonight…

Scott has been an active member of the TRAA Education Committee for years and helped create the first Traffic Incident management handbook. He also served TRAA as its Vice President.

One of his proud accomplishments of which there are many in long career is being appointed by the Governor to the Kentucky Youth Bullying Prevention Task force back in 2014. Tasked with finding solutions to make schools safer and free of bullying and harassment, there is one reported bullying incident every 4 minutes of every school day.

Scott was instrumental in his role at TRAK leading and hosting training seminars for operators, legislative efforts at the state capitol and leading the association in sponsoring a scholarship program for students who were the first in their family to attend college.

To steal a quote from Scott that speaks to his character: I take pride in my work, whether it is clearing incidents or accidents on the interstate or reading to a first grade class at the elementary school. The first is financially rewarding but the second, sharing time with youth in our schools is emotionally gratifying beyond description.

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