William Byers

William (Bill) Byers

William “Bill” Byers was born in 1959 in Royal Oak, MI. Bill is a second generation tower in a family owned business (Byers Wrecker Service) started by his father in 1951. He began working as a gas station attendant at the age of 10. He received his first tow truck for his 16th birthday and has been committed to the industry ever since. In 1994 Bill bought the business from his dad with his wife Sharon and runs it today with two of his daughters.

Safety has always been the number one priority for Bill when it comes to operating the business and following two tragic deaths in Michigan Bill was inspired to make a difference and he created a non-profit organization called “Move over Michigan Inc.”! Their mission is to help educate the motoring public to promote safety of emergency responders and reduce injuries, accidents and fatalities.

Bill did not stop there. He has helped lobby and pass legislation that includes towers in Michigan’s Move Over Law and went about engaging first responders to participate with towers in numerous functions such as parades, fairs, fire and police open houses and state seminars that presented to the Michigan Traffic Safety Summit. Bill has overseen and helped to create a web site, social media presence, and marketing campaign that include apparel, banners, stickers and seminars to create awareness for MOM.

Bill has also spearheaded legislation to rewrite Michigan’s abandoned vehicle laws to help simplify the abandoned car process for towers. He is the past President and secretary of the MTA and current legislative chair. Other things he finds time to do much to Sharon’s delight are Mid-West Legislative Rep for TRAA, MI Traffic Incident Instructor, and active memberships in many civic orientated groups in his community. He assists no less than 10 different fire departments with extrication training and dedicates time, equipment and employees from Byers Towing for training use.

Bill has been rewarded with the Order of American Towman award, Citizens Lifesaving Award, Top 10 Wreckmasters Award of 1999 and the Citizens Leadership Award. He assisted in the response to the Oklahoma Bomb Disaster in 1995 by donating help through the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, served 30 years as a Captain in the Fire Department and also as a part time Sheriff’s Deputy for 14 years!

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