William Byers

William Byers

I am a second generation tower in a family owned business. My Father started as a gas station-towing service in 1951. I began working as a gas station attendant at the age of 10 and I received a tow truck for my 16th birthday and have not stopped loving this industry since. In 1994, My Wife Sharon and I bought the business from my Father, the company had 7 trucks at that time, and we have grown to a fleet over 45 trucks. We are still a family- run business with two of our daughters Tiffany and Shelby working with us. We are very proud of our industry’s future, image and safety. I also served thirty years as a paid on-call firefighter retiring at the rank of Captain, in charge of Fire operations. I also severed as a part time sheriffs’ deputy for fourteen years. I am very involved in law governing the towing industry. In the past, on my own passed law’s in Michigan to change the overweight over length problem facing the towing of large vehicle and was successful the get the law as it is today. With a little help in the past year we got it to where we are exempt from OV OL also work with others to get plate fees reduced to present day fee $200.00 per truck. I am very involved in the Michigan Towing Association (MTA) inducted to hall of Fame in the Class of 2017.

Been a member for the past several years

Byers Wrecker Service Inc. joined the Michigan Towing Association in 1961 as a member my father was not very involved. In the early eighties, I became involved in the association and was nominated to become a board member within a few years. I have been on the board since holding the following positions Board member, Secretary, President, and Executive Board Member and current Legislative Committee Chairman my present position. As president, I was instrumental in introducing GCSI, our lobbyist firm. Together we were able to add towing and service vehicles to the state mandatory “move over” law. We have completely re-written the Michigan Abandon Vehicle laws and are currently working on revising them.

Move over Michigan Inc. is a non-profit 501-C3 corporation that I founded to bring awareness of the “move over” law for Towing, Police and Fire working along the roadway in Michigan. I made the board up of Towers, Police, Fire, MSP, MDOT, Attorney, Accountant, Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan and AAA Michigan Public Affairs.

TIM (Traffic Incident Management)
I am a TIM instructor for the State of Michigan and I am a board member of the TIMS action team for the State of Michigan. I am going to be presenting at the annual Michigan Traffic Safety Summit to represent Move Over Michigan and the towing industry.

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