History featured post

“15 years ago today, jumped in my Ford ranger and was on my way to work in Buffalo New York. Radio was blasting, heavy snow coming down. Commercial on 98.5 lottery was the highest it had ever been. Got off on the Angola exit, went in and bought 3 tickets! My baby monster truck would not start! Went back into the store and asked to use the phone. Answer was No. Holy crap, looked around saw a payphone near the road. I picked it up and operators voice said it was only for emergencies. Picked it up again and the police answered it. Two minutes later the officer said, “I will get you some help.” He went into the store to use the phone and lady refused him! He got back into his car and used the radio to get me a tow truck. To make a long story short, that driver was my husband to be! God works in mysterious ways! BTW, didn’t go to work told my boss to take a long walk off of Niagara Falls, didn’t win the lottery, but am still with the tow truck guy!” – Paul with Tick Tock Towing & Recovery on behalf of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leverenz, and their unique story told by Mrs. Leverenz

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