2015 Board Officer Candidates


Shane Coleman

Shane A. Coleman

6839 Westaway Dr. Troy, MI 48085

sacoleman@jerrdan.com    shane.coleman44@yahoo.com   248 227 4465

A 2nd Generation Towing and Recovery Professional, celebrating my 28th year in the industry – June 2015.

A family towing business set the foundation for my career path. I have been on a quest to make myself an asset to wherever I am since.

1987-1999 Coleman’s Towing & Recovery served as a light & heavy duty operator, finishing my family business career as Owner / Operator –General Manager.

1994-1998 Served as a Field Instructor which Lead to a Lead Instructor Position at Wreckmaster Inc. Serving again during 2002-03 time-frame.

1999-2002 Served as Crane Operations Foreman for and Urban Forestry Company

2003-2005 Logistics Manager / Business Development for Transportation Urban Forestry Company.

2006-2011 Active Heavy Duty Operator for Metro Detroit, Michigan based Towing & Recovery companies.

2011-2014 Served as Heavy Product Specialist for the Jerr Dan Corporation

2014-Present – promoted to Heavy Duty Product Manager for Jerr Dan Corporation

Professional Accomplishments

University of Georgia Light Duty Certification

Wreckmaster Inc. Instructor Certified Level 6/7 AH

EMT Basic

Firefighter 1&2 HazMat Ops

TRAA Level 2 Certified

Wayne State University Driving Instructor Certification

SHRP 2 TIM – Instructor Certification

Crosby Rigging Certification

I believe it to be an honor to serve on the board of directors for a historical facility. It is what carries our tradition, our pride, and links us our fellow “family” members around the world.

My history and experience within this Industry gives me a thorough understanding of how far this industry has come. A valuable perspective as it pertains to our Industry’s history. Like our fellow members, business owners and operators, my intent is to be of service. My goal is to play a supportive part in the organization, and to be “of Service” to the Museum and Hall of Fame. It is the one place where our future generations can come and see what the generations before them sacrificed to keep this Industry strong.

Service and stewardship, these are the key ingredients to keep our history honored and respected


George Connolly

George Connolly is currently president of Connolly’s Towing, Inc., established in 1973

George has served as president of the Towing & Recovery Professionals of Colorado from 1980 to 1984 and again 1998 to 2003. He also served as the President, and on various aspects of the board of the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum (ITRHFM). He is currently a board member of the ITRHFM. Preserving the history and heritage of the towing industry is very important to George.

Active member of the TRAA for many years. Better Business Bureau, US Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, Colorado Motor Carriers Association, and National Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

George is very active in the community. George sponsored a softball team for 5 years, and Community United Radio Awareness for Community Service Programs. He donates to D.A.R.E. and other anti-drug campaigns. He also donates to other youth activities and educational programs including participation in a local community garden project. The Arvada Sunrise Rotary Club recognized George for this garden project by awarding him a Citizen of the Year Award. George truly believes in giving back to the community.


Frank Ennis

To All International Towing Museum Members,

Hello my name is Frank Ennis; I am the owner of Frank’s Towing and Transport in Pinellas Park, Florida. I started in this industry in 1978 as a young man in a small town in upstate New York. I decided in 1981 to leave the cold weather and move to sunny Florida where I managed a towing and automotive shop for 24 years. In 2006, I decided to start a family owned and operated towing company. You may recognize me if you have ever been to a Tow Show within the past several years, my wife Lisa and I enjoy taking the time to transport the Florida Tow Show Raffle Truck that is donated by Hino Trucks and Miller Industries from show to show meeting and talking to many new and wonderful people.

I was elected to the Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida board many years ago as the Pinellas County Area Chairman; where I held local meetings informing towers of new products and legislation, I have set up and assisted with driver training classes and visited with local and state government officials on numerous occasions. Now I have been elected as a Regional Director for the PWOF, overseeing and assisting other area chairman in my region. I also assist at our local tow show; this is where I have the pleasure of my whole family getting involved and helping with other great volunteers making the Florida Tow Show one of the best shows in the world!

I have submitted many names to be placed onto the Wall of the Fallen as I have done in previous years. In doing this I have met and talked with a lot of wonderful people and decided to commit myself to helping others in placing their loved ones that are killed in the line of duty onto the Wall of the Fallen and with the Survivor Fund getting those families that qualify some monetary assistance. I also enjoy helping in the preserving of our past for generations to come.

Currently as a museum board member, I have had the honor of assisting on several committees, with one committee being the advertising committee. With the help of our outstanding museum staff and other board members this year the museum was able to have two new large TDOT signs placed onto interstate 24 , and also with the placement of several smaller signs onto side roads directing you to the museum. This has increased the attendance on the first month of the signs being installed by over 43%.

Please allow me the honor to continue to serve as a Board Member of the International Towing Museum as I will continue to strive in making this industry the best that it can be for now and the future.

Thank You,

Frank Ennis


Kevin Fox

I have been in the towing and recovery industry my entire life beginning with riding in the wreckers with my father.
I currently serve as the general manager of our family business Alligator Towing in Fort Myers, Florida, founded in 1967 and serving all of southwest Florida in all aspects of towing and recovery.
My involvement in the towing industry includes serving as an area chairman for my state association PWOF as well as actively participating in TRAA. I am a founding member of FITRA and serve as the Executive Director and am involved in associations and organizations outside of the towing industry.
As anyone who knows me will tell you, if I believe in something I put my heart and soul into it and I will do everything I can to make it happen. I believe the museum is an integral part of the towing and recovery industry heritage and want to be involved in the future growth our museum.
I currently serve as a Museum Director as well as serving on the building/preservation committee, auction committee and the marketing committee and would appreciate your support to serve another 2 year term as we prepare to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of our Industry.


Jeffrey Godwin

Jeffrey Godwin has a heart for the towing industry and has been a part of it since 1993. His experience in the towing business began with a dispatch and office management role with a young towing company in the Dallas, TX metro area. With a background in computers and computer dispatching, Mr. Godwin set to work on adding technology to this business including state-of-the-art computer and phone systems to support the operational process and procedures that were designed to help this company grow. His role included every aspect of towing company operations and even filling in as an operator when needed.

After a few years at that company and significant growth including large operations in Dallas and Houston, the company was acquired by RoadOne as they began their industry consolidation. Mr. Godwin soon was in the corporate office and was responsible for over 100 field IT operations nationwide. This included work on hardware, software, operations and telecommunications projects. Mr. Godwin also worked in various other project oriented roles including developing operational auditing and implementation processes and standards used by RoadOne’s field locations.

Mr. Godwin joined towXchange as a partner in late 2003 to continue the sales of the software systems and benefits program developed while at RoadOne. Mr. Godwin spends most of his time in his role with towPartners, an organization committed to the towing industry providing cost saving benefit programs and services to towing and recovery member companies nationwide. Mr. Godwin is responsible for launching towSearch, an industry leading directory of towing service professionals used by trucking companies, large fleets, motor clubs and the public. He also recently launched the sureFleet Fleet Maintenance software package which is quickly being adopted as an industry leader.

FTI Groups, Inc., the company that operates towPartners and sureFleet, was spun out of towXchange in 2014. Mr. Godwin currently serves as the president of FTI Groups. This entity also operates other benefits programs and delivers many other software products and solutions to customers in a variety of industries.

Mr. Godwin brings with him over twenty years of experience in the towing industry. Prior experience in the on-demand courier field, and having studied programming in school, has prepared Mr. Godwin for transportation systems delivery and provides a strong understanding of the needs of his clients. Mr. Godwin participates in industry groups, works with many industry associations and is currently the Committee Chairman of the ITRHFM Survivor Fund which provides funds to the families of those men and women who lose their lives each year in the industry. Mr. Godwin has served in this role since the inception of the Survivor Fund and has also served as Committee Chairman for the ITRHFM Wall of the Fallen from 2006 to 2008 and from 2011 to present. Mr. Godwin is also Chairman of the Public Relations committee for the Towing and Recovery Association of America. Mr. Godwin serves on the executive board of TRAA as the Associate Member representative and has served the last two years on the board of the towing museum.

In addition to his roles with FTI Groups, Mr. Godwin is a business partner with his wife, Michele, who is has also been directly involved in the towing industry for more than twenty years. The Godwins have a six year old daughter and a three year old son. They live in Haslet, Texas.

Mr. Godwin can be reached at jgodwin@ftigroups.com.

Andy Hovanes

Andy Hovanes

I was literally born and raised in the towing and recovery industry.  I was pumping gas at 10 and driving a tow truck at 15 with my father who owned a service station.  With my two brothers we formed our own towing and recovery organization that has grown to over 29 employees.  We actively sponsor a wide range of youth activities including hockey, softball, baseball, volleyball, bowling and most importantly the Special Olympics.  I have been a member of the Sauk Rapids volunteer fire department for 37+ years and have also chaired two State Fireman’s Conventions.  I am a charter member of the St. Cloud metro Lions Club and have served a term as President and have also supported the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank over the years.  I am an active member of the Minnesota Professional Towing Association, serving on the board of directors.  I am also active in TRAA and the Wisconsin Towing Association.  I have served as a board member for the ITRHFM for several years.


Doug McLendon

Doug McLendon began his career at the AAA National Office in Heathrow, Florida in 1992. In his current role as Director of Roadside Programs and Benefits, Doug is the familiar “face of AAA” to the towing industry, and has worked tirelessly to effect positive change.

Under Doug’s leadership, AAA implemented a slate of business benefit programs that assists AAA-affiliated tow business owners in managing their businesses and reducing operating expenses. He has also furthered a nationwide recognition program within AAA/CAA whereby affiliated tow business owners are recognized for their outstanding service through the AAA/CAA Service Providers of Excellence award, with focus placed on innovation, customer satisfaction, and service to the community.

Doug is passionate about the towing industry, and has worked tirelessly with AAA/CAA clubs to get “Slow Down/Move Over Laws” passed by state legislatures, ensuring tow trucks, roadside assistance vehicles and their operators are covered under the provisions of these laws. He was inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame in 2011, and continues to spearhead AAA’s support of TRAA, the Survivor Fund and the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum.

Doug has been married for 28 years to his wife Janet, and they are blessed with two children (Carly-18 & Chase-17). Doug earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Florida State University, and holds a Masters of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Doug is a die-hard FSU Seminole fan, and enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Patrick Nahoum

I am currently the Network Manager at Nation Safe Drivers Motor Club. I have been with Nation Safe Drivers for over 7 years now. In all, I have been involved in the industry for overf 20 years.

I am also a proud member of the Museum Board of Directors and would be honored to serve another term in order to continue to be an asset to our great Industry.

I look forward to working with my fellow board members in preserving the history of the Museum, while at the same time doing everything possible to help with great causes such as the Survivor Fund.

It would be an honor and pleasure to serve another term.


Ron Parrish

Ron Parrish has been involved in the towing industry for more than 35 years. On March 7th, 2001, with a vision Ron founded the Towing Information Network a popular industry website known as Tow411.net. A social media community better referred to as a message board. With more than 7000 members and averaging 50,000 visits a day, Tow411 has become a regular stop on the Internet for many in the towing industry. Its members create numerous posts per day, within more than 100 forums. Topics include towing procedures, recoveries, equipment, software, motor clubs and more. The forum also hosts several state forums and a several state associations now joined in to link to their association website to their specific state forum.

Tow Times recognized Ron in 2002 for the Industries Most Enthusiastic Supporter. In 2006 American Towman named him Towman of the Year and in 2007 TRAA presented Ron with a National Citizenship Award. He is a current museum board director, having served 5 total years on the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum Board of Directors.

Ron along with his brother have also founded TowCareers.com and Towtruckshopper.com which both serve to strengthen the Towing Information Network and lead users to the message board. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other venues Tow411 members are positioned to become a force in the towing industry.

Contact Information:
Ron Parrish – Admin@Tow411.net – 502-376-3071


Mike Neal Pool

Significant Contributions to the Towing & Recovery Industry:
1. Past President/VP/Secretary Texas Certified Towing Association (1978 – Present, BoD) – Now TTSA
2. First President Texas Towing & Recovery Association (1985 – 1987)
3. Founder of TRAA Towing & Recovery of America, Inc.
4. Chairman Texas Towing & Storage Association Training Committee (2003 – present) TTSA BoD(1994–2009)
5. TTSA By-Laws Committee (1998 – 2009)
6. Southwest Tow Operators ( 2006 – present)
7. President Texas-Towing & Recovery Insurance Group (2007 – 2008)
8. Texas Motor Transportation Association Towing Committee (2002 – 2008)
10. Regional VP Texas Motor Transportation Association (2006 – 2008)
11. International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum (Member 1995 – present) Managing Trustee (2004 – 2009)
12. State of Texas Labor & Standards Vehicle Storage Facility Advisory Council Committee (1982-1986)
13. West Texas Safety Training Center (1994-1998)

State & National Association Involvement:
1. Texas Towing & Storage Association
2. Southwest Tow Operators
3. Towing & Recovery Association of America
4. Texas Motor Transportation Association
5. International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum
6. International Institute of Towing & Recovery Tow Operator Trainer/Instructor
1. Wreckmaster a. Dispatch Seminar b. Business Management Seminar 2001
2. Heads Up (Stars Insurance) Planning, Preparing & Presenting Train the Trainer (2002)
3. University of Georgia & International Institute of Towing & Recovery – Towing & Recovery with Light Duty Equipment
4. Kinman of Indianapolis a. Rescue & Recovery 1 b. Rescue & Recovery 2
5. State of Texas Railroad Commission Tow Truck Operators 1993
6. TMTA Hm-126F Train the Trainer 1993
7. Environmental Management 1994
8. TTRA a. Level 1 b. Towing for One
9. Bill Jackson Heavy Recovery School
10. American Towman Academy Seminar Conference 2003
11. City of Odessa – Advanced Defensive Driving
12. University of A&M Oil & Hazardous Material Central Training Division –
a. Tank Truck Rollover 1 b. Tank Truck Rollover 2
13. North Central Texas Council of Governments –a. Freeway Incident Management b. First Responder Manager 2004
I/T 14. Texas A&M University System & TTSA Advanced Heavy Duty 2004
I/T 15. Howard College & TTSA Light & Medium Duty 2004
16. Texas A&M UNIVERSTY System a. Work Zone Traffic Control b. Train-the-Trainer Flogger 2005
I/T 17. Howard College & TTSA Light & Medium Duty 2004
I/T 18. Howard College & TTSA Advanced H/D 2005
I/T 19. Howard College & TTSA Light & Medium Duty 2005
20. Miller Industries – Ring Leaders 2006
21. The Crosby Group – Train the Trainer 2006
I/T 22. Houston Community College Incident Management Training
23. The Crosby Group Land Based Energy Operations 2006
I/T 24. Howard College & TTSA Advance H/D Training 2007
25. Texas Dept of Public Safety Training (Handgun) 2007
I/T 26. Miller Industries & TTSA Ring Leaders 2008
I/T 27. Howard College & TTSA Advance H/D Training 2008
I/T 28. IITR L/D Training Arlington 2008
I/T 29. Howard College & TTSA Advance H/D Training 2009
I/T 30. Howard College & TTSA Advance H/D Training 2010
I/T 31. TTSA / OWOA Advance H/D Training Oklahoma City 2010
I/T 32. TTSA H/D 101 Training Austin 2011
I/T 33. TTSA Advanced H/D Training 2012
I/T 34. TTSA Advanced H/D Training 2013
I/T 35. TTSA Advanced H/D Training 2014
I/T 36. TTSA Advanced H/D Training 2015
: Note I/T = Instruction / Trainer

1. TOWED (Tow for Life) 1988
2. TRAA Certification Pioneer 1996
3. The National Republican Congressional Committee –National Leadership Award (2003)
4. The National Republican Congressional Committee –Businessman of the Year (2003)
5. American Towman ACE Award (2003)
6. American Towman ACE Award (2004)
7. American Towman ACE Award (2005)
8. American Towman ACE Award (2006)
9. Texas Hall of Fame
10. American Towman ACE Award (2010)
11. ITRHFM Inductee (2013)


Lee D. Roberts

In 1981, Lee started his towing and recovery career in London, England, when he joined the team of towers at M. V. Recovery Ltd. Within five years, he had worked his way up to management and managed his first towing facility on the M25 Motorway.
After meeting Roger Coffey in 1993, he decided to relocate to the United States to continue his career. He was approached by Michael Boniface and asked if he’d be interested in demonstrating the Sidewinder. This work experience was instrumental in Lee meeting many notable people in the towing industry here in the United States. In 1994, he began working for Bluegrass Towing Inc. in Lexington, KY.
In 1999, Lee left Bluegrass Towing to start his own company, Roberts Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery, LLC. Later in 2012, he had the opportunity to acquire his former employer’s company. Through Lee’s hard work and dedication, the one truck operation has grown into a 48 truck, 70 employee operation today.
One of Lee’s biggest honors was when he was asked to unveil the statue for the Wall of The Fallen in 2006. He is an Advocate for safety in the profession and believes training is the key. Regular training and safety meetings are held with his employees.
Lee also believes in giving back to both his community, as well as, fellow tow operators. He regularly contributes to children’s charities throughout the Central Kentucky area that his company serves coupled with making a donation to the Survivor Fund every time a fellow tower passes in the line duty.
Lee is a long-standing active member of TRAA, TRAK and SSTA in an effort improve our industry.
Thank You for Honoring Me With Your Vote!


Will Webb

Webb’s Towing & Recovery, LLC
400 E 95th Ct Anchorage, AK 99515
907-338-3118 fax 907-338-1096

Hi, my name is Will Webb.
I was born in 1959 in south Florida. I was raised by my Mom & Grandparents along with my twin sisters and my older brother.  I married my high school sweetheart in 1978, and moved to Tennessee. I worked for Chattanooga Saw & Supply, and was a volunteer fireman. We have 2 sons, and they have given us 4 grand-daughters.
We moved to Alaska in 1982 to work with my brother at his towing company, “Ron Webb Towing”. He was a “one man show” with a 1978 Ford Sling Truck. My wife and I took over the business in 2000 and it became “Webb’s Towing & Recovery, LLC”.
Our youngest son Nick, joined me in the company in 2002, and has been a blessing to me ever since.
We are a family run business. I’m not much for the computer/paperwork side of the business, but have always been active in the daily running of things. We started with that 1978 Ford Sling Truck, and now have a 15 truck fleet. Everything from a one ton tow truck to a sixty ton rotator. With everything in between. We have the largest “heavy recovery” fleet in the state of Alaska.
I have happily supported the museum for years, and will continue to do so.
My goal has always been – “to make the towing industry better then when I got here”, and by being a part of this board, I could continue that goal.
Thank you.



Steve Welchel

Steve Welchel
Running for Board of Directors

Vice President of Business Development-
Marietta Wrecker Service

I am a second-generation towing company owner and have worked in our family owned business for over 20 years. While working fulltime I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University. During my final year I participated in a directed study which offered me the opportunity to work one on one with a professor researching the towing industry. Over the last several years I have had the opportunity to work closely with the Towing and Recovery Association of Georgia and I am currently the sitting Vice President.

I also have experience working with other non-profit organizations; among these is The Special Olympics of Georgia. While working with the planning committee of The Special Olympics of Georgia I was able to raise money through various events. I have also worked with the Atlanta Defenders to help promote their annual fundraiser.

I have been privileged to serve on the Board of Directors for International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum for the past 4 years. I believe this Museum is an essential element to preserving the towing industry’s history and I am committed to helping the organization continue to grow and prosper. With my experience in the industry I can offer new perspectives and fresh ideas that will help expand awareness as well as grow the membership.

Floyd College
Associates Degree in Business Administration

Kennesaw State University
Bachelors of Business Administration – Management


James Williams

I have over 13 -years of experience working with both the Towing and Trucking industries. I currently hold the position of Senior Director of Vendor Relations at FleetNet America, a third-party management company in Cherryville, North Carolina.
Over the past 10 – years, it has been my mission to promote better understanding and working relationships between the trucking and service providers as well as to help improve the image of the towing industry. It is my firm belief that building relationships based on trust and respect is the cornerstone to success in business and in life.
I am an active member of the following Associations:
Towing and Recovery Association of America – TRAA
North Carolina Safety & HR Management Council
Towing and Recovery Professionals of North Carolina
American Trucking Association’s – Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC)
North Carolina Trucking Association – NCTA- Board of Directors
The International Towing and Recovery Museum and Hall of Fame – Board of Directors
Member of the Survivor Fund Committee -The International Towing and Recovery Museum and Hall of Fame
Inducted into the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame – 2010
I am married to my wife, Pam for 19- years and have three daughters: Kendall, Jordan, and Payton.
I currently serve on the museum board and would like the opportunity to continue working with the other board members, we have made progress but, we have so much more to do.

Shannon Yates

Shannon D. Yates

Born:  Chattanooga, Tennessee December 1st, 1975.

Family:  Married to Robi Yates, has four children; Morgan, Garett, Addison, Easton.

  • Yates family annually host the St. Jude Rodeo, which has raised over half a million dollars in donations.

Education: Graduated from Ringgold High School Class of 1994.

  • Finished Top Ten Percent of Class, 3.9 GPA.
  • Earned Scholarship to play baseball for Southern Tech University.

Company: Co-Owner of Doug Yates Towing & Recovery

  • Run day to day operations for Company.
  • In Business since 1946.
  • Business started by grandfather, Lloyd R. Yates.
  • Co-owned with father Lloyd D. Yates.
  • Father and Grandfather are in The International Towing Hall of Fame.

Religious Background: Member of City Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Volunteer: Routinely volunteer to coach youth sports; football, basketball, and baseball.

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