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2014 Board Officer Candidates

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Troy E. Barnett
Running for President

Born in Bisbee, AZ in 1962, I grew up in Sierra Vista, Arizona where I am currently living. After graduating from Buena High School in Sierra Vista I attended Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. I soon realized that I missed home and the only work I have ever known, Barnett’s Towing LLC. I was raised in a family towing business started by my father in 1963. The first truck was a brand new 1963 Chevrolet 2 ton with a Holmes 600. Today we own over 75 trucks, trailers and support vehicles. We are now located in 5 Arizona Cities with the locations being as far away as 200 miles from one another. I am the Vice President of Barnett’s Towing LLC and responsible for the daily operations of the company. We currently have over 40 employees. As anyone who has been in the towing business knows you must always be available and ready to go, answer questions or solve problems 24 hours a day. I am a multi task person and am able to handle the towing industry challenges every day. I have served as President of AZ Professional Towing and Recovery Association. I am TRAA Level 3 Certified, Wreckmaster 4/5, and was Wreckmaster Top Ten of 2002. The supporters of our museum must always be thinking of how to improve and promote it. The requirements for the Museum to continue thriving are always a priority for me. I was elected to the ITRHFM Board of Directors in 2005 and have served as Treasurer, 2nd & 1st Vice President. I ask for your vote and support as I run for the Board of Directors in the position of President. Thank you.


Norbert Bertling
Running for Secretary

 Age 71; Presently resides in Coralville, Iowa and owns Trebron, Inc. – married to Virginia. Worked in the wrecker/crane business for 27 years before opening his own business in 1983. Founder of Towing & Recovery Professionals of Iowa “TRPI” – Served as president and currents sits on the board of directors. Lifetime member of the ITRHFM as well as a Corporate Gold Member. Currently serves as Treasurer for the ITRHFM. Hall of Fame Member – Class of 1996

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Donna Brock Mesaros

Running for 2nd Vice President

I towed my first car at age 20, when my personal vehicle broke down. I called for a ride to our gas station and explained to my husband that the car had quit running. He told me to get the truck and tow it myself. From that day on…I was hooked. Beginning in 1977 I worked in the family gas station thru 1986. In 1986 we purchased Autoworks, an automotive repair shop with 2 tow trucks towing for 2 police departments. By 1988, I had increased the fleet to 4 trucks, towing for 10 police departments. I managed the office for the repair shop and dispatched the drivers 24 hrs a day, towing cars when the drivers were backed up or no one else was available. In 1989, on a bet from my drivers I entered the Women’s Driving Competition at the Professional Towers of Ohio annual tow show, and to my surprise I WON. Was that a fluke? There was only one way to tell. So I entered the competition again in 1990 and I WON. Today my son owns and operates the company and he has grown the company to include equipment moving. 1994-2009 Elected to the Executive Board of Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio as Treasurer. 2004 Inducted into the ITRHFM. 2005 co-chaired with the TRAO Board the duties of Trade Show Chairman. 2006-2014 Trade Show Coordinator for the Midwest Regional Tow Show. 2008-Current, hired as Administrator for Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio. 2010-Elected to the ITRHFM Board as a Trustee 2011-Current, Elected as President of the Women of Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio. 2013-Current, Elected to ITRHFM as Secretary.


Quinn Piening
Running for 1st Vice President

My name is Quinn Piening I have been in the industry for 30 plus years 28 as the partner of Central Towing & Transport LLC. We are based in Fremont CA and have 5 terminals with 32 trucks doing all phases of towing and road service including an auxiliary contract with AAA. We also do a lot of transport work with our heavy side moving generators all over the country. I have served on the board of directors of the CTTA. I have been a chapter president for the bay area chapter. I was a volunteer fire fighter, and had an active roll with them until I got into the towing business where I focused all of my time on growing the company. The company has been involved with the YMCA and several other civic organizations and made many donations including providing 3 dogs to three separate police departments for there K9 units.

During my service with the CTTA I traveled all around the USA, to tow shows and met lots of great people in the industry. One of the greatest was from right here in Ca. Mr. (Godfather of towing) Steve Cardinale. He and Mr. Bob Berry got me involved in the museum with the transporting of it when it was in the trailer and donating cash to preserve the history of the industry that has provided for me and my family. Then in 2006 I had to go to Chattanooga for the unveiling of the Wall of the Fallen as one of my drivers name was placed on the wall, and I knew then that I wanted to be more involved in the museum and the history of the industry. Since then I was fortunate enough to be elected as a trustee for the ITRHM and the 2nd vice president. Now that we are electing new officers I would like to stay involved and run for the office of 1st Vice President and I hope for your support as I hope to help continue to make the museum something we can all be proud of.



Thomas A. Tedford III
Running for Treasurer

Mr. Tedford, 42, has over twenty years experience serving the towing industry at various levels of office. From December 1990 until April of 1997 he served as the Vice President of operations for Caron Towing and Caron Transport in Hartford, CT. From 1997 until October of 1999 he served as a General Manager for United Road overseeing their Towing operations based in CT. From October of 1999 until March of 2000 Mr. Tedford chaired a CEO Advisory Committee tasked with beginning the company’s turnaround by implementing cost reductions and operational restructuring for United Road Service’s Towing Division. From March of 2000 until March of 2003 Mr. Tedford served United Road Services as the East Region Operations manager, charged with overseeing all aspects of business including cost reduction within their operating facilities on the East Coast and Texas. Since March of 2003 until present Mr. Tedford has served as Senior Vice President of Operations and Partner for United Road Towing the Nation’s Largest Towing Company working on operations, purchasing, cost reduction, safety, training and marketing.  He has held numerous executive offices in both state and national trade organizations regarding the industry, including TRPC, TRAA, and CNTA and is recognized for his knowledge in lobbying, cost control, marketing and administrative training. Mr. Tedford has chaired and or participated on numerous industry committees regarding Finance, Heavy Duty Towing, Incident Management, Training Protocol, Disaster Response, FEMA, and many others. As a speaker and trainer Mr. Tedford has given educational seminars to thousands of towing professionals across the country regarding billing practices, business presentation, rate structure and management.

 Recently Mr. Tedford has and is serving as a member of the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Musuem as a Board member in his third term. In addition to serving on the Board Mr. Tedford also serves as the Finance Committee Chairman for both the HOF and the Wall of the Fallen and Survivor Fund.

In the past Mr. Tedford served both the TRPC and the TRAA as its Treasurer assisting and overseeing both entities return to sound financial controls and positive balance sheets.

TRAA Nationally Certified MasterTower

CT Businessman of the year 2007

2005 TRAA Presidential Award

2007 Ford Motor Company Lifetime Leadership Award for Industry Contributions

2007 American Towman “Towman of the Year”

2008 International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame Inductee

2013 Inducted into the USAC HOF

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