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In 2005, the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum established a Survivor Fund to benefit the families of the individuals who are killed in the line of service while aiding the motoring public. Over the next two years, the fund collected money from a variety of sources.  A large amount was collected from corporations both large and small, inside and outside the towing and recovery industry.  More was collected through the sale of remembrance armbands.  Auctions were held at towing events to raise money and were highly successful.  Numerous state towing associations have also donated to the fund.  Most importantly the companies and individuals in the industry have donated directly to the fund at every financial level.  This funding came from all across North America and the Survivor Fund currently has over $500,000 in the banks, but needs your help to get to the levels that will bring real value to the industry.’ “Our goal is to raise enough money to allow this fund to be perpetual at a fixed level and then to continue to raise that level as ongoing funding allows,” said Jeffery Godwin, chairman of the Survivor Fund committee.  “The men and women of the industry risk their lives in performing their jobs each day and providing a stable program to offer an immediate benefit to the families affected by tragedy is our mission.” The need for the Survivor Fund serves as a solemn reminder of the tragedies that occur in our industry.  The fund recently started paying death benefits and currently has a benefit level of $2,000 when a death occurs in the line of service.  Unlike insurance payoffs, which can take a long time, the benefits from the Survivor Fund are available to families quickly to assist with immediate needs. The Survivor Fund still needs to raise money to make it stronger and to allow it to grow.  There are several industry groups working to raise money in a variety of ways and even some towing companies that have agreed to work together to significantly fund the effort with a pledge of a donation from every major recovery they perform. “Every member of the industry should assist the Survivor Fund,” Godwin said.  “This is the towing industry’s opportunity to support their own when these tragedies occur.  Towers helping towers.  That’s what it’s all about.”

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