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Survivor Fund News

What are the prerequisites for being approved to raise funds for the Survivor Fund?

Any person, company, group or organization who wishes to collect funds for the Survivor Fund must first be a metal level supporter of the Survivor Fund.  If the person, company, group or organization is not a metal level supporter of the Survivor Fund, they can donate the metal level amount to the Survivor Fund and then deduct the lowest metal level amount (currently Silver at $1,000) from the funds collected in approved projects before making a donation, thus refunding their supporter donation amount.  The donation must be made prior to the launch of the fundraiser and must be committed to as a part of the proposal process.  No fundraising opportunities will be considered from persons, groups, companies or organizations who are not either current metal level supporters of the Survivor Fund or who do not make a written commitment to become a metal level supporter to the Survivor Fund as a part of their proposal.  Towing industry, 501(c)(3), non-profit organizations and associations are exempt from the metal level supporter requirement but their fundraising activities for the Survivor Fund must be otherwise proposed and approved.

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