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What are the qualifications for the Founder’s Club?

The Founder’s Club is made up of companies and individuals who have donated $500 or more to the museum’s Survivor Fund.  This group is limited to 1,000 members.  Founder’s Club members will be recognized in a binder in the museum library as well as on a plaque at the museum.  Additionally, the Founder’s Club member list shall also be posted on the Survivor Fund website with at least annual updates.  Founder’s Club members can reach the $500 level through a single gift or may build to Founder’s Club level over the course of numerous gifts.  To be eligible for Founder’s Club membership through a series of gifts, donors are encouraged to verify their gifts are categorized together upon receipt by the museum.  Members of the Founder’s Club can display the Survivor Fund Founder’s Club logo but cannot use it to raise funds.  All logo usage must adhere to the Survivor Fund Licensing Terms and Conditions (a copy will be provided when permission is granted or can be obtained from the committee).

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