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Survivor Fund News

Who can raise funds for the Survivor Fund using its name and or logo?

The ITRHFM Board of Directors will approve a list annually of those eligible to organize fundraisers for the Survivor Fund using its name and/or logo.  These approvals will be provided to the individuals and corporations in written form (the Survivor Fund Fundraising, Name and Logo Usage Permit) and will be good for a period of one year.  Should the need arise for an exception on term or to gain approval outside of these sessions, a proposal should be submitted to the Survivor Fund committee for review and upon committee approval this document will be forwarded to the museum president, or his designee, for his determination on Board of Directors approval requirements.  No fundraising activities or events should be held as endorsed or approved by the Survivor Fund without an official Survivor Fund Fundraising, Name and Logo Usage Permit.  Each permit will specify the nature of logo and name usage permitted as well as the duration of the permit which will have a maximum time duration of one year.

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