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Miscellaneous Store Items

Here is where you will find bookmarks, magnets, Christmas, decals, patches, shot glasses and cups.

  • Children Will Be Towed Sign

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    Sign is approximately 12 inches by 9 inches.

  • Towman of the Year Poster 2012

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    Towman of the Year Poster 2012. The poster is signed by Bill and Marci Gratzianna.

  • Tape Measure with Museum Logo

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    Tape measure with Museum Logo only approximately 2 1/2 inches long by approximately 2 inches high.  Has a locking feature wi...

  • W-70 Poster

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    W-70 Poster

  • Reflective Decals

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    Decal with the Museum logo.

  • Museum Shot Glass

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    Short shot glass with the Museum logo. Available colors: Only Frosted Blue available

  • Museum Tote Bag

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    A large bag with the Museum logo on the front.  The bag has one large compartment, and two small pockets on each side (one m...

  • Coffee Mugs

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    2014 Coffee Mugs available in six different colors.   Available Colors: Red, Black, Navy Blue, Lime Green, Pink an...

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