Wall Of The Fallen Honorees


Aaron D. Helfrich
Aaron D. Helfrich Date of Birth: 09-17-1974 Date of Death: 04-30-2007
Age at Death: 32 State/Province: Missouri Country:

A tractor-trailer hauling construction equipment hit Mr. Helfrich on the side of the interstate and then didn’t stop. He was killed instantly.

Adam D. Lopez
Adam D. Lopez Date of Birth: 02-08-1964 Date of Death: 04-21-2010
Age at Death: 46 State/Province: Texas Country:

Adam was a very active person in his community of Ranger Texas including volunteering as a fireman. He passed away from injuries received while loading a disabled rental van. Adam is survived by his mother Rachel; father Adam Sr.; sister Michelle; brother Anthony; son Andrew; step-son Aaron; and five month old daughter Gabriella.

Ademar A. Pereira
No Photo Ademar A. Pereira Date of Birth: 11-27-1963 Date of Death: 05-01-2009
Age at Death: 44 State/Province: São Paulo Country:

Mr. Pereira was finishing up loading a disabled vehicle when he and the motorist was killed instantly when a wreckless motorist lost control and hit them both killing them instantly. Both were standing in what should have been the safest spot to be.

Alan E. Dilley
Alan E. Dilley Date of Birth: 09-15-1969 Date of Death: 07-31-2011
Age at Death: 42 State/Province: Colorado Country:

Alan was born on September 15 1969. On July 312011 Alan passed away from injuries sustained when he was struck in a hit and run by a drunk driver while working an accident scene for the police department. He leaves behind his loving mother Carolyn and siblings Norma Ray Donna Carl and Tim.

Alan W. Fyfe II
Alan W. Fyfe II Date of Birth: 02-28-1964 Date of Death: 10-19-2004
Age at Death: 40 State/Province: Florida Country:

While loading a disabled vehicle on his flatbed a pick-up truck drifted out of his lane and hit Mr. Fyfe’s tow truck and then hit him killing Mr. Fyfe.

Alfred E. Bliss
No Photo Alfred E. Bliss Date of Birth: Not available Date of Death: 06-04-2015
Age at Death: 48 State/Province: OH Country: USA

Al Bliss was working in the tow yard on June 4, 2015, disconnecting a pickup truck from his tow truck when the linkage disconnected resulting in the truck rolling slightly causing the vehicle to fall on him. Paramedics were called to the scene but Al passed away at the local hospital leaving behind his parents, siblings and two daughters. We respectfully add Alfred E. Bliss to our “Wall of the Fallen”.

Allen L. Rose
Allen L. Rose Date of Birth: 07-20-1975 Date of Death: 02-23-2011
Age at Death: 36 State/Province: Colorado Country:

Allen was born on July 20 1975. Allen was an Iraqi war veteran and father of two. On February 23 2011 while working as a partner in J & J Towing he lost his life. He will be missed by his wife Dawn and children Tiffany and Michael and several family members and friends. Due to the circumstances of Allen’s death a Senate Bill was developed and Colorado now has a new law the Allen Rose’s Law making it a crime to get into a car being towed.

Amanda K. Frizzley
Amanda K. Frizzley Date of Birth: 03-26-1981 Date of Death: 09-30-2007
Age at Death: 26 State/Province: Country:

Miss Frizzley was killed in a crash with a SUV that was speeding the wrong way on a one way street. The tow truck flipped on it’s top pinning Miss Frizzley inside. She was taken to the hospital where she died.

Andrew C. Smith
No Photo Andrew C. Smith Date of Birth: 10-13-1988 Date of Death: 01-04-2012
Age at Death: 24 State/Province: Pennsylvania Country:

On January 42012 Andy was loading a disabled pickup truck onto his rollback when he was struck and killed by a passing freight truck. Andy was born on October 13 1988. He was a junior firefighter and also raced in sprint car races and enjoyed playing pool. He leaves behind his son Chandler mother and stepfather Gigi and Douglas his father and stepmother James and Nancy along with four brothers four sisters and many loved ones.

Andy C. Starmer
Andy C. Starmer Date of Birth: 08-12-1972 Date of Death: 08-09-2009
Age at Death: 36 State/Province: Virginia Country:

Andy lost his life after he was struck by a drunk driver while loading a disabled auto onto a tow truck. Moments before the accident Andy made sure that the motorist was safe by requesting him to stand on the side of the road away from the truck. He leaves behind a son William his mother Ima father and stepmother Albert and Dianna and two sisters Judy and Sally.

Arthur Andrew Cullen Bryant
Arthur Andrew Cullen Bryant Date of Birth: 08-13-1963 Date of Death: 02-28-2014
Age at Death: 50 State/Province: Ohio Country:

Arthur Bryant was born on August 13 1963. On February 282014 Arthur was assisting another driver in moving a semi-trailer for a customer. As the job was being completed Arthur collapsed in the driveway of the business the victim of a massive heart attack. Arthur was pronounced just 44 minutes later. Arthur leaves behind his fiancé and four sons. We respectfully add Arthur Andrew Cullen Bryant to our “Wall of the Fallen”.

Arthur R. Wilson
No Photo Arthur R. Wilson Date of Birth: 09-17-1936 Date of Death: 12-28-2007
Age at Death: 71 State/Province: Alabama Country:

Arthur was born on September 17 1936. On August 112007 Arthur was assaulted at his towing and repair business Wilson’s Service Center. Arthur lost his life on December 28 2007 due to his head wounds and left behind a wife three daughters four grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

Aubrey B. Collier
Aubrey B. Collier Date of Birth: 09-27-1996 Date of Death: 12-14-1946
Age at Death: 50 State/Province: Tennessee Country:

Mr. Collier was driving on a main thoroughfare through Nashville when he hit a saw horse where work was being done. He lost control of the wrecker and hit a telephone pole and a wall. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Baltazar F. LaBorte
No Photo Baltazar F. LaBorte Date of Birth: Not available Date of Death: 06-01-2002
Age at Death: State/Province: California Country:

Mr. Baltazar’s Truck blew a rear tire and he pulled over to inspect it. Another vehicle struck the vehicle he was towing and it in turn struck and killed him.

Barbara C. Pettis
Barbara C. Pettis Date of Birth: Not available Date of Death: 07-03-2016
Age at Death: 30 State/Province: IL Country: USA

Barbara Pettis was driving her tow truck in the early morning hours of July 3, 2016, when an intoxicated driver ran a stop sign and crashed into the passenger side of the truck. Barbara was killed in the accident leaving behind her husband and two children. We respectfully add Barbara C. Pettis to our “Wall of the Fallen”.

Bernard Sheehan
Bernard Sheehan Date of Birth: 05-18-2026 Date of Death: Not available
Age at Death: 59 State/Province: Massachusetts Country:

Bernard “Red” Sheehan was born on May 18 1926. Red was the owner of Red’s Exxon. In September of 1985 Red towed a tractor to his shop for repair. While he was kneeling down placing a jack stand underneath the truck the tractor rolled forward and crushed him. We respectfully add Bernard Sheehan to our “Wall of the Fallen”.

Billy W. Garrett
Billy W. Garrett Date of Birth: 11-16-1932 Date of Death: 09-19-2004
Age at Death: 71 State/Province: Oklahoma Country:

Mr. Garrett was on his way home after returning a boat that had been in an accident when a semi-truck crossed the median and hit him head on. He was killed instantly.

Billy W. Wooten Jr.
Billy W. Wooten Jr. Date of Birth: 10-08-1968 Date of Death: 07-17-2012
Age at Death: 43 State/Province: Texas Country:

Billy was born on October 8 1968. Billy lost his life on July 17 2012 when he was struck by a passing truck while he was loading a vehicle onto his tow truck. Billy leaves behind his wife Cynthia; two children Chandler and Allie and his parents Billy Sr and Frankie.

Blake A. Gresham
Blake A. Gresham Date of Birth: 10-08-1993 Date of Death: 08-27-2012
Age at Death: 18 State/Province: Missouri Country:

Blake’s young life ended on August 27 2012 when he was struck by a passing semi after loading a disabled vehicle onto his truck. Blake was born on October 8 1993 and grew up in the towing industry. He was working for his parents business at the time of his passing. Blake was loved by many and will be missed by his parents James and Amy his sister Kelsie and many others.

Blaze S. Louviere
Blaze S. Louviere Date of Birth: 02-07-1988 Date of Death: 06-30-2013
Age at Death: 25 State/Province: Louisiana Country:

Blaze was born on February 7 1988. He lost his life on June 30 2013 after he was struck by a drunk driver while preparing to tow a vehicle. Blaze was carried to his final resting place by the tow truck he operated. He leaves behind his parents Terry and Kathy two brothers Ryan and Tyler and many others that loved Blaze.

Bobby L. Adkins
Bobby L. Adkins Date of Birth: 07-30-1931 Date of Death: 05-25-1985
Age at Death: 54 State/Province: Florida Country:

Bobby was born on July 30 1931. He served his country in the US Army as a Corporal during the Korean War. Bobby lost his life on May 25 1985. As with many of the men and women we will talk about today he was struck and killed by a passing motorist who drove his car into the emergency lane. Bobby was honored with a funeral procession of wreckers and will be missed by his children grandchildren and many loved ones.

Boris A. Ruel
No Photo Boris A. Ruel Date of Birth: 08-24-2014 Date of Death: 06-20-1987
Age at Death: 72 State/Province: Illinois Country:

While working to remove a Semi Mr. Ruel was injured when one of the power jacks holding the trailer gave way and pinned his head. He was taken to the hospital where he died 5 days later.

Bradford H. Froehlig
No Photo Bradford H. Froehlig Date of Birth: 03-07-1955 Date of Death: 07-31-1992
Age at Death: 37 State/Province: Illinois Country:

For unknown reasons a semi-truck hit the back of a disabled truck while Mr. Froehlig was hooking up to it. All three trucks became engulfed in flames. Mr. Froehlig was the only fatality.

Brandon W. Thomas
Brandon W. Thomas Date of Birth: 07-30-1982 Date of Death: 11-12-2009
Age at Death: 27 State/Province: Kentucky Country:

Brandon was shot to death over a dispute of a towed vehicle. He had served in the US Navy and was loved by all that knew him. He leaves behind his wife Brandy and two children Cheyenne and Austin including many family members.

Brian E. Watson
Brian E. Watson Date of Birth: 12-18-1975 Date of Death: 09-18-2001
Age at Death: 25 State/Province: South Dakota Country:

While helping a motorist change her tire Mr. Watson was struck by a car. He died at the scene.

Brian R. Healey
Brian R. Healey Date of Birth: 09-13-1943 Date of Death: 06-18-2009
Age at Death: 65 State/Province: California Country:

Brian migrated from Sydney Australia bringing with him his love of towing and stock car racing. He passed away from a massive heart attack while working at ‘ his business Carriage Towing. He leaves behind his loving wife Laura.

Bruce Harwell Jr.
No Photo Bruce Harwell Jr. Date of Birth: Not available Date of Death: 01-23-2001
Age at Death: State/Province: California Country:

A Semi-truck veered onto the right shoulder striking a motor home hooked to Mr. Harwell’s tow truck which then struck him.

Bryan “Keith” Yeager
No Photo Bryan “Keith” Yeager Date of Birth: Not available Date of Death: 03-09-2013
Age at Death: 23 State/Province: TX Country: USA

On March 9, 2013, Keith was working a busy toll road loading a vehicle to his flatbed. As he worked, a motorist traveling at a high rate of speed swerved to avoid a collision with another motorist and collided with the vehicle Keith was loading. This resulted in serious injuries to Keith and he was transported to the hospital. Keith underwent treatments for months before passing as a result of complications from the accident and subsequent treatment. We respectfully add Bryan “Keith” Yeager to our “Wall of the Fallen”.

C. Dennis Cash
C. Dennis Cash Date of Birth: 10-20-1947 Date of Death: 02-27-2012
Age at Death: 65 State/Province: Virginia Country:

Dennis was born on October 20 1947. He was the owner and operator of Cash’s Garage a family run business. Dennis was loading a vehicle from a previous accident on February 27 2012 when he was struck and killed by a passing motorist. He leaves behind his wife Audrey and children Gregory Scott Jonathan and Matthew.

Carlo G. Marchese
Carlo G. Marchese Date of Birth: 04-22-2027 Date of Death: 07-24-1962
Age at Death: 35 State/Province: Illinois Country:

Mr. Marchese was getting out of his truck to help a motorist when he was struck by a semi-truck and killed.

Carsie Z. Higginbotham
No Photo Carsie Z. Higginbotham Date of Birth: 11-06-1940 Date of Death: 04-13-2004
Age at Death: 64 State/Province: Mississippi Country:

Zabe lost his life on April 13 2005 when he was assaulted during a robbery. He was born on November 6 1940 and was the owner of Zabe’s Wrecker Service.

Cecil E. Pugh Jr.
Cecil E. Pugh Jr. Date of Birth: 02-04-1948 Date of Death: 09-17-2007
Age at Death: 59 State/Province: Arizona Country:

Mr. Pugh had just finished hooking up to a vehicle to tow at a customer’s home and was pulling out when he was shot. A man next door was cleaning his gun in his living room and was inspecting the safety when the gun fired and killed Mr. Pugh. The man co-operated fully with the police and there appeared to be no foul play.

Chad A. Roof
Chad A. Roof Date of Birth: 05-26-1981 Date of Death: 04-16-2013
Age at Death: 31 State/Province: Kentucky Country:

Chad was born on May 261981 he was a husband to Danielle and father to Hunter Seth and Logan. On April 16 2013 Chad had returned after several tows and was working in the shop when he was struck by a rollback falling off the blocks. He also leaves behind his mother four brothers two sisters and several family members.

Charles “Chuck” B. Day
Charles “Chuck” B. Day Date of Birth: 09-01-1945 Date of Death: 04-01-2007
Age at Death: 61 State/Province: Iowa Country:

Mr. Day was hooking up the winch to a car when he started having a heart attack. He managed to get back to the truck before losing consciousness. The Police called an ambulance which took him to the hospital where he died 3 hours later.

Charles D. Sharpe
Charles D. Sharpe Date of Birth: 12-14-1949 Date of Death: 06-29-2007
Age at Death: 57 State/Province: Florida Country:

While on a call Mr. Sharpe was hit by a car and died on the scene. No other information is available.

Charles E. Myers
Charles E. Myers Date of Birth: Not available Date of Death: 05-09-2016
Age at Death: 35 State/Province: WV Country: USA

Charles Myers was working at his employer’s truck repair center on the evening of May 9, 2016. As he worked with a tractor and a step deck trailer, he became pinned between them and was killed. Charles leaves behind his parents and many extended family members. We respectfully add Charles E. Myers to our “Wall of the Fallen”.

Charles P. Oswald
No Photo Charles P. Oswald Date of Birth: 09-18-1953 Date of Death: 06-28-2012
Age at Death: 58 State/Province: Pennsylvania Country:

Charles was born on September 18 1953. He lost his life on June 28 2012 when the tow truck he was driving was struck by another vehicle. Charles leaves behind his wife Carolyn several children and many other loved ones.

Charles R. Patterson
Charles R. Patterson Date of Birth: 03-23-1947 Date of Death: 01-02-2000
Age at Death: 52 State/Province: Tennessee Country:

While getting ready for church Mr. Patterson received a phone call from a man needing his car towed and repaired if possible. He got on his work clothes and met the man at a truck stop and they both went to get the car and take it to his garage. Mr. Patterson fixed the the car. The man gave him a credit card to pay for it but the machine wouldn’t take it. Mr. Patterson called the credit card company while he was on the phone the man was behind him and reached around and stabbed him in the chest. Mr. Patterson staggered outside in front of the station and died. The man dragged him inside and stripped him of his cash and credit cards. The man was wanted for 2 other murders and was caught and convicted. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Charles R. Strong Jr.
Charles R. Strong Jr. Date of Birth: 03-10-1961 Date of Death: 04-26-2001
Age at Death: 45 State/Province: Mississippi Country:

Mr. Strong was shot and killed while attempting to reposess several items. The killer then killed himself after spaying bullets everywhere forcing everyone to run for cover. Mr. Strong bled to death before the area could be made secure and help get to him.

Charles W. Bash
Charles W. Bash Date of Birth: 09-06-1943 Date of Death: 03-27-2004
Age at Death: 60 State/Province: Florida Country:

While loading a man’s pick up truck a car drove off the road and drove up the wrecker’s ramp going on 2 wheels where it then hit and killed Bash.

Charles Whitehead Jr.
No Photo Charles Whitehead Jr. Date of Birth: 06-24-2023 Date of Death: 01-16-1968
Age at Death: 44 State/Province: Tennessee Country:

While attempting to upright a Tractor-Trailer Mr. Whitehead was killed in a multi-car collision.

Christian E. Gutierrez
No Photo Christian E. Gutierrez Date of Birth: 01-14-1987 Date of Death: 03-31-2011
Age at Death: 24 State/Province: Texas Country:

Christian was born on January 14 1987. He served three tours in Iraq and earned many honors while in the Marines. On March 31 2011 Christian was struck and killed by a passing UPS semi while working an accident on the side of the road. His death came one day after the Texas Senate approved the “Move Over” bill.

Christopher A. Sisk
Christopher A. Sisk Date of Birth: 05-28-1975 Date of Death: 05-03-2007
Age at Death: 32 State/Province: California Country:

Mr. Sisk was trying to stop a thief from taking his tow truck when during the struggle he fell from the truck and was ran over. He suffered severe injuries to his head and chest. He died at the hospital.

Christopher Alexander Gladden
Christopher Alexander Gladden Date of Birth: 01-10-1989 Date of Death: 07-28-2013
Age at Death: 24 State/Province: California Country:

Chris Gladden was born on January 10 1989. Chris was loading a disabled vehicle onto his wheel lift tow truck on July 282013 when he was struck by an oncoming car. Chris fought to live but passed away eighteen days later on August 152013 from injuries sustained in the accident. Chris leaves his parents sister and girlfriend behind. We respectfully add Christopher Alexander Gladden to our “Wall of the Fallen”.

Christopher B. Tatro
Christopher B. Tatro Date of Birth: 10-12-1971 Date of Death: 12-17-2011
Age at Death: 40 State/Province: California Country:

Christopher was born on October 121971 and lost his life on December 17 2011. He was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. Christopher leaves behind his father Dewayne his mother and stepfather Melissa and Daryl his wife Heather and two children Brendon and Addison.

Christopher John Clavin
Christopher John Clavin Date of Birth: 10-10-1968 Date of Death: 07-01-2014
Age at Death: 45 State/Province: Minnesota Country:

Christopher Clavin was born on November 10 1968. On July 12014 Christopher was working to load a heavy tow truck being moved for an engine replacement when the disabled vehicle rolled over him.  Workers from the body shop where the truck was being picked up were unable to revive Christopher and he died at the scene.  Christopher leaves behind a wife and step-son. We respectfully add Christopher John Clavin to our “Wall of the Fallen”.

Clifton J. Scott
No Photo Clifton J. Scott Date of Birth: 09-25-1961 Date of Death: 09-24-2012
Age at Death: 61 State/Province: Missouri Country:

Clifton was born in September 25 1961. On September 21 2012 Clifton died after being struck by a passing motorist while working a vehicle accident in his role as a Missouri Department of Transportation motorist assist operator.

Clyde Stewart
Clyde Stewart Date of Birth: 09-19-1952 Date of Death: 04-02-2008
Age at Death: 55 State/Province: Tennessee Country:

Mr. Stewart lost his life when he was swept into a creek while trying to retrieve a vehicle from flood waters. His body was recovered the following day by rescue divers.

Curtis A Macy
No Photo Curtis A Macy Date of Birth: 08-13-1944 Date of Death: 07-10-1995
Age at Death: 50 State/Province: Montana Country:

Curtis lost his life while involved in an accident with a semi truck while driving a wrecker for C & R Towing in Montana. Curtis served in the U.S. Military during Vietnam and received many medals for his bravery. He leaves behind his wife Anne and eight children.

Curtis E. Mitchell
Curtis E. Mitchell Date of Birth: 08-22-1960 Date of Death: 08-06-2001
Age at Death: 40 State/Province: California Country:

Mr. Mitchell was struck by a car while he was assisting a stranded motorist. No other details are available.

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