Axel H. Tischer

Elected:           March 12, 1999

Inducted:        August 21, 1999

The Tischer Company (Tischer Fahrzeugbau) was founded in 1988 in Cham, Germany.  Before forming his own company, Axel Tischer worked for a trucking company that supplied towing equipment for the European market.  Not satisfied with the quality of the equipment being offered, Tischer left the company with the belief that he could offer better value to the towing operator by manufacturing the best quality equipment.
One of the main problems the operators in German have is the way that the weather effects the equipment.  Rust and corrosion are major problems and the cost of battling these problems is a major expense for the operator/owner in both time and money.             Searching for ways to alleviate this problem, Tischer first introduced aluminum decks in 1990.  He took rust proofing one step further by introducing a galvanized sub frame and all metal components, so that all metal parts were essentially rust free.  This innovation is now a standard feature on most German towing equipment.  Tischer has spent many years researching other materials to use and has developed a process to manufacture high strength, light weight stainless steel decks.  He is now offering the highest quality stainless steel decks in the world.  His research of other materials has also lead him to offer a new heavy duty wrecker featuring composite bonded materials.
By constantly finding innovative ways to offer quality, longer lasting equipment to the operator, Tischer has provided a significant and valuable service to the European towing industry.  Operators can now spend less time and money on the maintenance of their equipment and keep the equipment in their fleets for a longer period of time.             Additionally, Axel Tischer has dedicated himself to the improvement of his local community.  He is the main sponsor of the local Cham Soccer team, which plays in the third highest amateur league in Germany.  He has also contributed significantly to other community charities.  He was recently commended as the major donor for the construction of local volunteer firehouse.
Axel Tischer has established himself as one of the leading manufacturers of towing equipment in Europe.  He has set a standard for other manufacturers to follow.  In recognition of his innovations and state of the art manufacturing processes, Tischer was awarded the 1997 Gold Medal for Manufacturing Excellence by the Bavarian State Ministry of Industry.  He has also served as a member of several other important trade associations; Honorary Member of Register of Artisans, Member Body Builder and Vehicle Manufacturers Organization, Member of Motor Vehicles Guild, Member of Chamber of Industry and Trade and Member Employers Association.  Axel has two daughters, Katinka and Andrea.  Andrea works in the office.


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