Ronald F. Bauman

Born January 20th, 1938, Ronnie grew up in his 3rd generation family automotive business based in Riverside, California.  Started by his grandfather in 1907 with a horse and buggy collecting scrap metal and parts to resell, the business was taken over by Ronnie’s father in 1927 and Bauman’s Auto Working & Towing continued to grow.  At the age of 17, Ronnie first learned how to operate a tow truck and quickly moved on to master his favorite state of the art 1954 Ford with a Weaver hand unit and a Braden mechanical winch mounted on the back.
As Ronnie and his dad continued to grow the business Bauman’s Towing became the first motor club tower for Allstate Insurance Company in the 60’s and opened their 1st salvage pool in Southern California.  As business grew so did the need to broaden services and in 1971, Bauman’s Towing entered the heavy duty towing business as well.  Faced with the challenge of breaking up the “Good Old Boy” network between the CHP and towers in an effort to get a fair portion of requests, Ronnie was one of the founding members of the CTTA Riverside-San Bernardino Chapter that resulted in negotiating and implementing a fair set of standard and requirements as guidelines in approving and authorizing tow services when needed by law enforcement.
As challenges began to grow within the city, Ronnie then turned his attention on founding the Riverside Tow Truck Association which was comprised of all towers servicing the Riverside PD and Ronnie served as their President for many years to come, brokering fair communication and ethics between the PD and towers servicing them.  One of his major accomplishments was brokering an agreement with the city to grandfather all existing towing companies’ properties from zoning requirements and changes to protect their facilities.  Ronnie has received numerous awards from local community organizations for his support throughout the years and from many of the associations he has been involved with.  He has been active in promoting and fostering training and education for the towing operators in Southern California through CTTA for many years.  Having serviced the Riverside community with his family for over 100 years and working closely with his wife Barbara while raising three wonderful children, Rodney, Diana and Sherri, Ronnie looks forward to transitioning the business over to his grandson Rory for the 4th generation to continue.


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