Bill E. McCarty

Elected:           April 10, 1997

Inducted:        September 27, 1997

Born:                February 1, 1945

Family:            Married Carol Cowan, July 26, 1963 in Ventura

Bill was born in Paris, Arkansas, the son of a coal miner.  In the early 1950’s, Bill’s father “Pop” decided to move to California to seek a better life for his family.  Pop, brother Jerry and Bill ran a Chevron station and began to feel the need for a tow truck to compliment their business.  Bill was so young that he had to stand on a milk box to clean customers windows, he learned early on the principal of hard work.

In 1976, long after Bill’s father had passed away, Bill started McCarty & Sons Towing with the help of Carol, his sons, Rod & Brian and sometimes daughter Suzanne.  They had three old well used trucks and a prayer.  Bill was on his way to what had grown today to a very nice size and successful towing and equipment transportation company located in Oxnard, California, one hour north of Los Angeles nestled along the beautiful coast.

Bill served as a charter member of the Tri-County Chapter of the California Tow Truck Association, helping to get it started and served in every office position there.  He then went on to serve at the California State Association level holding various offices there and then becoming the state president in 1993-1995.  He served 6 years on the convention committee for California, a director representing California for TRAA, a COSTA representative and numerous other committees.

Bill has truly felt the need to be involved to help to make the towing industry better for everyone.

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