Garvin W. Robertson

Elected:           March 10, 1998

Inducted:        September 26, 1998

Born:                November 21, 1940 in Alvaton, Kentucky.  Bill and his brothers and sister lived in the home of their foster parents, Lloyd and Marie Robertson in Chino, California.

Bill and Rita married on June 25, 1960.  They have three children, William (“Tim”), Rebecca and Tamara.  Tim was killed in an off-road accident July 17, 1983.  Tim has one son Eric William Timothy.  Rebecca Lee Robertson Kobold has three sons, Bradley, Bryce and Brett.  Tamara Lynn Robertson Seminaris has a son Anthony and another son due in October.  All three of the children worked in the business while they were attending school.  Tim worked pumping gas and in the garage drove a tow truck.  Rebecca and Tamara pumped gas on roller skates when they were ten and fourteen, then moved into the office to dispatch and do office work.  They moved on to pursue their careers, Rebecca is an elementary teacher and Tamara is marketing and sales in the fashion and garment industry.

Bill started work in 1957 in the potato sheds in Chino, California.  He worked as a dishwasher at Wag’s restaurant owned by Claudie Waggoner.  Here he met Claudie’s daughter, Rita.  Bill had a love for old autos and trucks which he worked on at night after his regular job.  With encouragement from his father-in-law he bought a Flying A station.  He needed a co-signer as he was only 20.  Claudie was a silent partner for 3 years and they named it Bill & Wags.  Bill’s brothers worked with him at the Flying A station.  Bill bought a 1953 Willys pickup truck and installed a Zenith wrecker boom with an electric winch for his first tow truck.  He soon installed a 265 cubic Chevrolet motor when he discovered the 4 banger wasn’t meant to be a tow unit.  #1 was painted and restored by his son Tim in 1982 for the Ontario 4th of July parade and has remained in storage ever since.

In 1964, Bill moved to a new location at the New Union Station.  He went in debt with Union Oil $30,000 due in 90 days.  With a lot of hard work, long hours and luck all was paid off before the 90 days.  He assumed the Auto Club of Southern California contract for 10 years adding used trucks and storage lots one at a time.  He incorporated in 1973 then sold the Union Station a year later and purchased a Texaco station with property at 505 E. Holt, Ontario.  Then purchased property at 609 E. Holt and move the towing office there.  In 1995 he purchased 5 acres at 1516 S. Bon View, Ontario and moved the office and all storage to one location.  20 tow units, 3 tractors and 2 Landoll trailers are kept inside.

In July 1998, Bill and Rita sold their stock in Bill & Wags, Inc. to United Road Service of Albany, New York.  They lease the 5 acres to United Road Service and Bill continues to work as a management consultant for United Road Service.

Auto Club of Southern California contract station for 10 years
Ontario City contract 28 years
California Highway Patrol contract 25 years
Member of Ontario Parkway Kiwanis International 25 years
Member of California Truck Association and served as President of the San Bernardino
Chapter 3 terms – board member state and local level
Member Ontario Chamber of Commerce 25 years

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