Steven M. Bowman

Born August 19th, 1957 in Burlington, North Carolina, Steve quickly moved into following his dad’s footsteps by starting to work in the family service station at age 11.  When he was 13 years old, Steve started to learn how to tow and with someone driving him out to the scene, Steve would handle the hook up portion of the call and then ride back to the shop with the driver.  In 1987, Steve became a partner in his father’s business Battleground Tire and Wrecker and in 1998 became the sole owner carrying on his families’ legacy in Burlington until he sold the business in the fall of 2007, remaining on as General Manager under the new ownership.
In 1980, Steve worked with 9 other towers to found the Towing and Recovery Professionals of North Carolina (TRPNC) representing tower interests statewide.  Through Steve’s efforts as a representative of the legislative committee the TRPNC was successful in getting the “Move Over” law of NC to include and protect tow truck drivers operating on the side of the road.  In addition, Steve was also instrumental in creating a law to exempt towers in North Carolina from length and weight restrictions for the first 50 miles of tow so they could enhance quick clearance effectively and legally.  Steve worked tirelessly in successfully passing a NC law prohibiting the Highway Patrol from setting prices for towing and recovery.
Steve has been involved in many committees furthering the interests of towers in DOT regulations and incident management.  During his years of service to the industry and community, Steve has received numerous awards and accolades including: Allied Person of the Year in 2002 and 2005, Towman of the Year in 1988 & 2001, FleetNet Tower of the Month and Vendor of the quarter and being recognized by the Alamance County Emergency Services for “Invaluable assistance and training and service including those of a life-saving nature.”
Steve holds numerous certifications in his profession and in addition to the TRPNC he is active in TRAA, serves as a board member for the NC Executive Committee for Highway Safety appointed by the Governor and has recently been appointed to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol Wrecker Board.
Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies call Steve regularly for his expertise on roadside safety during emergencies or recovery operations.  Steve recently assisted in the development and production of a DVD for First Responders, law enforcement and recovery professionals on how to position themselves safely at a road side crash in order to prevent secondary incidents and/or injuries.  It is titled “NC Highway Incident Safety.”
Steve is married to his wife Connie and along with their beloved dog they reside in Burlington, North Carolina.


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