Carvel Gay

Elected:           March 12, 1999
Inducted:        August 21, 1999
Carvel began his career in 1965, with the purchase of his first service station.  Selling gas, checking under the hood, washing windows and automotive repairs, the old fashion way, were his specialties until 1970 when he added the towing business.  Gay’s Automotive and Towing Inc., a family operated business serving the City of Glendale and surrounding areas for over 33 years.  He has been a contracted tow service for the Glendale Police Department and the California Highway Patrol since 1974.
Gay’s Automotive and Towing Inc.’s primary goal has been to provide the public with the best possible service and to promote a sense of personal obligation to all of their customers using updated quality equipment.
Carvel has been a member of the CTTA since 1974.  He served as president for the LA chapter from 1989-1991.  He was chairman of the 1989 CTTA State tow truck convention and has served on the CTTA State Board of Directors as Vice President.  He has been chairman of the education and training committee.  At the present time, he is the state president for CTTA.
Although busy with company activities, Carvel continues to participate in many other organizations.  Presently, a Sergeant in the California Army National Guard.  He was awarded the Army Achievement Medal in 1996.  He is also an active member in the Glendale Chamber of Commerce and serves on the board of directors.  He was awarded the Patriot of the Year award in 1990 by the Chamber of Commerce.  He is also a volunteer for the American Red Cross Disaster Services and serves as the public information officer for the San Gabriel Valley.
Carvel and his wife met while attending Hollywood High School.  She is a very active part of the business which allows Carvel to do all his outside activities.
His son Michael is slowing taking over all of the duties of the business.  His daughter Denise also works in the office.


Carvel attributes his success of his business to his family and dedicated employees.  Carvel has been married for 39 years to wife Patricia and have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.



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