Charles J. Ceccarelli III

Born inBruneau,Idahoas a young boy Chuck loved building and fixing things. After repairing his neighbor’s lawnmower and earning a $2 tip in the process Chuck said to himself “This is just too easy!”…

Residing in Mountain Home Idaho with his wife Laurie and their two sons, Ben and Alex, Chuck currently owns and operates In The ditch Towing products and is the Founder and President of Rimco, Inc and Aircraft Recovery Solutions Inc. Known as an innovator Chuck is responsible for designing the SP Series Side Puller attachments for tow trucks, the drop down dolly boxes and the speed dolly to name just a few of his most popular inventions that have made towing operators less prone to injury and more efficient over the years.

Chuck has been active in serving the towers of Idaho and the Idaho Towing Association throughout the years holding several positions including the office of President, and being active promoting their training and certification programs. As a designer, manufacturer, recovery specialist, distributor and trainer Chuck has received many awards through his career including: 2009 American Towman “Towman of the Year”, 1999 Wreck Master of the Year, 1999 International Recovery Man of the Year, and 2002 Wreck Master Lead Instructor. Chuck is known as one of the leading authorities in aircraft recovery across the nation and specializes in training others on the art of the trade through his school and seminars. He has performed aircraft recoveries working closely with the FAA in 12 different states andCanadaover the last 10 years.  In addition Chuck is a contributing writer and editor for industry publications such as American Towman and Footnotes. As a long time supporter of his local community Chuck is active in the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce and has lended financial support and time to his local athletic clubs, Mountain Home Air Force Base, and local schools. As a large supporter of training and education for the towing and recovery operator Chuck is involved with several State Towing Associations includingWashington,OregonandMontanato name just a few. As the holder of manyUSpatents and one of the leading innovators in the industry today Chuck plans on continuing to develop products that help make the towing operator’s job easier and safer to perform world wide. His dream and passion is to watch his children grow to become successful in their endeavors and goals through life.

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