Dennis B. Brewer

Elected:           April 13, 2002

Inducted:        September 27, 2002

Born in 1943 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dennis married Nancy and together they have raised two daughters, Jodi and Lori, neither of whom are involved in the towing and recovery industry.
Dennis started his business in 1963, when he was 20 years old.  He was a mechanic and built and operated a reputable gasoline and service station with loyal customers, in fact, many of his early customers still patronize his business 39 years later.
In 1964, Dennis purchased his first wrecker and became enamored with the road service industry.  Brewer’s rapidly expanded to include a towing company in addition to the gasoline and service station.  Throughout his years in business, he has made significant contributions to the Michigan towing community.  In 1994, he was instrumental in passing a law in Michigan that allows wrecker to be licensed with the state for a flat fee, which saved towing companies hundreds of dollars.  He also worked with a Michigan State Representative to pass a law that resulted in towing companies being able to secure a title for abandoned vehicles without having to pay sales tax.
Dennis is an active member in a number of trade associations.  He is vice president of the Michigan Towing Association and had co-chaired the MTA Rodeo many times.  He is on the Board of Directors of Tow Times Magazine and is also the current Treasurer of Tow Times.  In addition, he is a member of TRAA and Friends of Towing.
On a personal note, Dennis married Nancy McCalla in 1964 and have two daughters.  Jodi is 28 and the eldest by 16 months.  She is married to Roy Kniesteadt who worked for Dennis part-time while putting himself through college.  They live in Ann Arbor and have a son Nathan, who recently celebrated his first birthday.  Nate is the first grandchild in the family and nothing makes Dennis happier than to assume the role of Grandpa.             Dennis is active in the Ufer Quarterback Club of Ann Arbor which sponsors scholarships for incoming University of Michigan students.  He volunteers his time and equipment for other university related projects including the transportation of solar cars and equipment.  Dennis is chairman of the Ann Arbor Township Fire and Safety Committee and assists with employee benefits, equipment specifications and ordering and other related activities.
Dennis sets a high standard for induction into the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame.

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