Donna L. Brock

Donna Lynn Brock was born in 1952 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She graduated GlenEsteHigh   School in 1970, and began working for the automotive industry in 1974.  At age twenty-two, she towed her first car, which, incidentally, was hers. In 1985 she acquired Auto Works, a business specializing in auto repair and towing service.
She participated in her first tow truck beauty pageant in 1987, and won her first show at the Merrillville, Indiana regional show. It is to Donna’s credit that the “pink lettering on a red truck” craze swept industry tow truck beauty pageants. She has also been credited for started the “hood mural” craze that swept those same pageants.
In the 1989 and 1990 Ohio Tow Show, she entered the women’s driving competitions and won first place both times. She entered and won her first “Powder Puff” driving competition in 1990.
Donna’s goal has always been to clean up the image of the industry. She became the Treasurer of the Tri State Towing Association in 1989, served as Director for the Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio from 1992-1993, served as the Secretary for the Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio from 1994-1995, and has been the Treasurer of the Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio since 1996.
While attending the P.W.O.F. Show, she was asked to meet with the lobbyist concerning the Administrative License Suspension Law.







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