Eilis M. Murray

Born in Bray CO. – Wicklow Ireland Eilis grew up dreaming of chasing the glamour and thrills of being an airline stewardess. Little did she know flying and traveling would play a role in her career no matter what. Eilis is the proud mother of three daughters Carole, Fiona, and Joanna and has the pleasure of working with Joanna in her business on a day to day basis.  Eilis became involved in the industry when along with her brother Eamon they acquired a small vehicle recovery business called Kelly Motors now known as KFG from a family member in the County of Wicklow Ireland in 1990. Using her financial skills and experience Eamon and Eilis quickly expanded the business and became active members of the Association of Vehicle Operators (AVRO). As she furthered her knowledge of the business Eilis became the first woman to successfully complete the Institute of Vehicle Recovery (IVR) light vehicle recovery course. As Eilis continued to become involved in the industry throughout Europe she became well known and in 2008 became the representative for AVRO Region 15 which represents the recovery operators of Ireland attending regular meetings on their behalf in the UK.  With her dedication and commitment it did not take long for her peers to recognize her potential and in short time she was elected by the national council as the first lady president of AVRO heading a leading trade organization not only in Ireland and the UK but across Europe! Her skills immediately were set to work as she focused on improving AVRO’s financial stability, budget controls and overall management to create a sound organization through a challenging economy.  In addition to her efforts with AVRO Eilis spends countless hours and funds volunteering to support and raise money for charities focused on the disabled. She is also a large contributor and supporter for clothing and school supplies for an orphanage in Cambodia that was created as a result of the regime of “Pol Pott” and the Kamere Rouge.  Eilis is involved in several organizations within Europe including the Society of the Irish Motor Industry and The International Federation of Recovery Specialists.

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