Enriques Duenas

Enrique followed his father into automotive repair and towing services years before he pursued studies in engineering. His father was a
pioneer in Mexican towing, having fashioned the first towing vehicle in the area from a 1930 Lincoln car before starting a taxi and garage service in
1933. Till, then the family towing business carried the name Gruas Duenas.

In 1970, Enrique started his own towing business in Guadalajara under the name of Gruas y Talleres de Occidente SA de OCT. This operation has grown to be what is unquestionably the most outstanding operation in Western Mexico to date. Simultaneously, another towing service created by his son, Enrique, has grown to be second to none in size, diversity, and modernity in Mexico. That Duenas enterprise now operates under the name of Arastres del Pacific, SA.

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