Gary W. Pipes

Gary W. Pipes was born in 1943 in Cora, Montana.  He began his towing career with one small truck in 1972. By the year 2000, he had built a large towing operation. He has always taken every opportunity to educate himself and others about towing and recovery.
Gary was instrumental and took a key role in helping form Missouri’s first statewide towing association. He was the first president of the association, served as president for 11 years, and has remained active, currently serving as an executive director. He is a panel tester for TRAA Levels 1-3, and has been active in attending national legislative conferences. Incident management is another area he has been actively involved in, as well as helping open the lines of communication between towers and local law enforcement with regards to towing allocation practices. He received ACE Awards for five years starting in 1993.
While staying active in the industry, Gary also found time for community involvement. He was involved with the U.S. Jaycees, an organization that holds fund raisers for needy families, crippled children, and other humanitarian projects. Gary is also a member of the American Legion Post 189 where he has done community service to benefit veterans and the local community.
He is recognized by the Missouri Tow Truck Association as being an outstanding leader who should be held as a shining example of an industry professional who has worked hard to better the industry by devoting time, funding, and his years of experience.






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