George W. Bakker, Sr.

George Bakker grew up across the street from the family business.  This gave him exposure to the towing and recovery business at a very young age.  Watching his uncle, father, and grandfather operate the business was not only exciting for him, but it sparked his interest in the industry.

At the age of 12, George met his childhood sweetheart, Barbara.  They have been together for over 50 years, and married for 41.  They have 5 wonderful children and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

George is a self–taught welder, machinist and fabricator.  This led him to his love of racing and building race cars and dragsters and finally tow truck and towing equipment.  He designed and built one of the first mass-production H.D. hydraulic tow trucks.  He is proud to say that his son, George Jr., is following in his footsteps.

For the last 24 years, George has brought together towers from all over the country to meet at YellowstonePark for snowmobiling, cold weather recovery, and discussion about the towing industry in general.

He has been a pilot, race car driver, certified open water diver, writer of magazine articles, expert witness regarding tow trucks, towing equipment, and chassis failure.

He is a certified motor vehicle inspector for all classes in New York.  He is a national and international real estate developer.  He has saved 4 peoples lives in 3 separate incidents.  Has been called the grandfather of rebuilding and building of tow trucks.  Has been instrumental in the founding of 4 towing or towing related associations.

George has also been involved in the following organizations: Life time members of; National Rifle Assoc., New York State Rifle and Pistol Assoc., International Towing& Recovery Hall of Fame.  He has also been involved with the: American for Immigration Control, Judicial Watch, Republican National Committee Member, United States Organization, Disable American Veterans, Guide Dog Foundation, First Governor Empire State Towing &Recovery Assoc. Workers Compensation Insurance Fund, University of Georgia Original Founding Committee Member Towing Program, Member of the Nature Conservation, 2004 Bush- Chenny Re-election Committee Member, Member of American Welding Society, Member of the New York State Trooper Alumni.

George has held the following chairs, Trustee in International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame, Director Oxford Club, Past Board Member of T.R.A.A., Past President 2 times for the Interstate Towing Assoc. and Vice President, Secretary, and Treasury, and past member of the New York Authorized Tow Operators.  Mr. Bakker has also been involved with the Founding Member Interstate Towing Assoc., United Towing and Road Service Assoc., Member of COP-SHOP (Citizens Outrage at Police Shooting), and the Founding &Fundraiser of the John Hawkins Memorial Plaque.  Also a share holder in International Adventures and Tow Times.



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