Harriet Cooley

For the past thirteen years, Harriet has been Director of Certification for the Towing & Recovery Association of America (TRAA) and currently serves as it’s Executive Director.  Early in her position, she helped develop a National Driver Certification Program for tow truck operators in light, medium, and heavy duty modules.  Completed in 1995, TRAA has tested some 10,000 drivers nationwide. Under her tutelage, TRAA created the Law Enforcement Vehicle Identification Video and V-ID card, which helped law enforcement personnel, dispatchers, and towers increase efficiency at the incident scene.  She has worked on a nationwide effort to bring awareness to towers with regard to their role in Traffic Incident Management (TIMTOW), which was distributed to 34,000 towing companies.  A third agreement to improve communications between law enforcement and towers (LAWTOW) was completed in September 2006.  Harriet also sits on the boards of numerous transportation and public safety organizations as a representative of the TRAA and the towing industry overall.  In 1990, WTRAA named her Tow Woman of the Year and this year, Harriet received the prestigious Ford Leadership Award.

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