James E. Hoagland

Elected:           March 12, 1999

Inducted:        August 21, 1999

James E. Hoagland was born on April 1, 1929 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Prior to graduating from school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp.  He served actively for two years and in the reserve for another four.

In 1951, Jim took a job at Swanson Chevrolet, as their tow truck operator.  That same year he bought his first wrecker from Swanson Chevrolet.  In order to get the down payment he sold his wife’s car.  That was the start of Hoagy Wrecker Service, Inc.

Jim was one of the founders of the Indiana Towing Association and a charter member of the Interstate Towing Association.  He’s been a director for ITA for more years than he can remember.  He is also a member of the American Legion, The Faternal Order of Police and the Indiana Motor Truck Association.
Jim has worked hard for the towing industry by helping to get wrecker overweight and oversize bills passed in Indiana.  Also, he was instrumental in wreckers obtaining fuel tax refunds for power take off and has battled local authorities for years over owner request calls.
He is known by many of his peers as “Mr. Maytag” and the first to receive the agitator award.  Today, Jim and his wife Carol are still active in the everyday operation of Hoagy Wrecker Service Inc.  They have four children, of which two are involved in the business and six grandchildren.



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