John E. Borowski, Jr.

Elected:           April 5, 2001

Inducted:        August 17, 2001

Born:                March 11, 1955 – Holyoke, Massachusetts

Like so many others, John followed his father into towing and recovery as a young man.  He married the former Brenda Anderson on April 15, 1978 and together they are raising three children, two boys and a girl ranging in age from 14 to 19.
At age eight, John became involved in his father’s service station business that included repair and towing and recovery.  When his father became injured in 1979, John assumed ownership and total operational responsibility and grew the organization to 44 employees.  Additionally, John has served the National Towing Alliance as its Vice President and RoadOne as its National Accounts Manager, Regional Marketing and Accounts Services Director and Terminal President.
John has also served his industry and community as Stolen Auto Technical Advisor and Conservation Commissioner together with several other volunteer positions for the City of Holyoke.  He has served the Statewide Towing Association as its President, Director and Legislative Advisor.  He received the City of Holyoke Commendation for saving a life in 1982.  In 1989 and 1993, he earned the American Towman Hero Award and distinguished himself as one of the top 500 most experienced tow companies in 1989-1996.  He also received the American Towman Industry Leader Award and Recovery Expert Award in 1991 and the TRAA Presidential Award in 1997.


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