John Douglas McLendon

John Douglas (Doug) McLendon was born in Pensacola, Florida as the second of 4 children to John and Nancy McLendon. Doug spent his early years growing up in Pensacola and dreaming of becoming a professional baseball player. Knowing his skill level Doug’s parents instilled the importance of getting a good education, working hard, family and the desire to support those in need. This resulted in Doug moving to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. Thus becoming a die-hard FSU Seminole fan, and given that Florida State is playing football against Oklahoma right now as we speak, we will do our best to keep Doug up to date on the score while limiting his tomahawk chants as the night progresses!  As time went on Doug met and married his wife Janet. Doug and Janet will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary next month, and they are blessed with two wonderful children – a fourteen year old daughter (Carly) and a thirteen year old son (Chase).  Doug began his career at the AAA National Office in June 1992 and has been a driving force in improving relationships with the industry and service providers for AAA and CAA nationwide. In his current role as Director of Roadside Programs and Benefits, he has worked tirelessly with manufacturers, suppliers, trainers, industry groups, media, and others, to effect positive change for the towing industry and thousands of roadside assistance providers. Under Doug’s leadership, AAA implemented a slate of business benefit and discount programs that save AAA-affiliated tow business owners millions of dollars per year in operating expenses.  Doug furthered and implemented a nationwide recognition program within AAA where over 12,000 service providers are eligible for “The service providers of excellence award”. Business owners are selected and recognized for their outstanding customer service, with focus placed on innovation, customer satisfaction, and service to the community.  Most notably, Doug has been instrumental in engaging the support of AAA Public and Government Affairs experts to help save lives. He has worked tirelessly to get “Slow Down and Move Over Laws” supported by all AAA/CAA clubs and their state legislators, ensuring that tow trucks and other roadside assistance vehicles and operators are covered under the provisions of these laws. As of this year, 45 states now include tow trucks in their “move over” laws, and work continues to get all 50. Doug also continues to spearhead efforts through AAA/CAA clubs in North America to support the Survivor Fund and towing museum.  In an effort to better understand the operator’s perspective Doug holds certifications from Wreckmaster and is an active member in TRAA as well as a sponsor of ITRHFM. Doug remains passionate about the towing industry, and the unique role each of us play in serving the motoring public.

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